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  1. Exact same for me. Except I need to add that all of my opponents injuries are to players that would actually help me win FG%. My opponent has no Tatum, Damion Lee, Tyler Herro, or Marcus Morris. Needless to say I dropped Nunn a few weeks ago and my opponent this week picked him up and he shoots 90% for 30 points. Meanwhile all my bigs are injured (KAT, Adams, Noel), and all the guys I wanted to stream are going off while the guys I actually decided to pick up have done diddly squat. My team is shooting .500 on the year and my opponent is at a cool .440 yet hes destroying me in FG% which of course will be the swing category for the week. KAT, Steven Adams, Noel, Oubre injured, Marcus Smart and Dunn combine to shoot 0-for-eternity, Kendrick Nunn decides to entirely avenge my dropping him with his best shooting game against me, all my opponents bad FG% players happen to be injured the week that its the swing category. Lovely
  2. All I can say is - thank you Kelly. You came through big for me tonight.
  3. Dropped. Going to miss his stocks but it looks like hes only getting ~16 mpg and is totally out of rhythm at the moment. Will keep him on the watch list in case the rotation changes, and if he produces like he was earlier then I'd scoop him again.
  4. And an excellent season continues to roll on
  5. Might lose blocks for the first time this season. I'd be shocked if Mitch only gets 1 block in a 4-game week
  6. I'm a Noel owner as well, but if Adams wereto be traded to Atlanta, wont OKC get a Center in the deal? Trying to be optimistic but also realistic here, and I wouldnt be surprised if Noel's role doesnt change too much assuming a C comes back in the deal
  7. Thanks for the post. This is pretty much exactly what I was talking about with my post last night. The team is playing better, they just destroyed Portland (the game wasnt nearly as close the final score indicates), and the vibe around the team is way better than it was previously. Reading that KAT is running around energetically and hyping up his teammates is exactly what I thought might happen since they're winning games and playing so much better lately. The positive vibes are contagious when you're winning and having a good time. Let's just hope hes good to go.
  8. The Wolves have been playing much better basketball lately. They're killing Portland by 25 going into the 4th quarter. There has to be more positive vibes around the team at this point with them playing better lately and destroying Portland right now. With that being the case, one would imagine that KAT would come back soon if he's physically able to. I dont think Minnesota is trying to tank, because if they were, they're definitely not doing it right.
  9. The weird thing to me is KAT suffered this injury in-game and didnt even sub out, he shot his free throws and continued playing. He didnt look extremely limited, maybe a little, but he was able to do most of the things he normally would when watching. I guess he did move a little more carefully and timidly but that's to be expected of a guy who experiences a near miss on a potentially devastating injury. I know that with adrenaline pumping it's possible to play on bad injuries, and guys walk around on torn ACLs right after they happen, etc. Just seems weird that he finished the game without an issue really, and has now missed so much time. It's possible that playing on it didnt help, or that it swelled up like crazy afterwards, but regardless I think Minnesota is just being extremely cautious with their franchise player and we will see him return only when he's 110%. Just hoping that once he returns, he is fully cleared with no limitations.
  10. This is incredibly frustrating as a KAT owner and I've also been questioning if its even injury related at this point, but with Wiggins back tonight, Teague a legitimate GTD, and Covington playing 30-34 mpg lately I dont know if I can say that they're 'completely' tanking. I know KAT playing or not is the most important piece of that tanking conversation, but it seems like he should be coming back relatively soon. In today's NBA, it makes sense for Minnesota to be extremely cautious with their franchise player, especially when everyone knows that the Wolves aren't winning the championship this year and have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting a better draft pick. I do think that once KAT is actually 110% ready to play, which is what it will take for him to return, he will play his normal minutes just like Covington or Wiggins have been when they're active. Unfortunately, theres a possibility that he might be "load managed" down the road, or not play both ends of back-to-backs, but as weve all seen with various players young or old, that's the NBA that we're finding ourselves in today. Of course, a best case scenario would be that he returns and plays every game, but Minnesota will probably be able to get away with having him 'rested' for maintenance purposes after theyve sort of set the precedent on this knee sprain with him missing so much time. As a KAT owner I'm obviously hoping for the best, but certainly not getting my hopes up with all the context clues around the league.
  11. Looking back on this post, load management would be an improvement over what's going on currently. Legitimately not sure if a shutdown is a possibility. Its crazy what teams are allowed to get away with these days, I feel like this rest / load management / precautionary injury management is bordering on flat out tanking in some cases. I guarantee most of the jerseys worn at minnesota games were #32. What a disservice to the fans who keep this money truck going.