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  1. I think this game just proves that they need to actually manufacture plays for DK instead of simply reading when he's open or has separation on a route. Set up a play for him with blockers. Throw him screens. He can take it to the house if he has any space to work with. He proved it when he ran down Budda Baker on that unreal interception return as well as on the what-would've-been game winning TD that got called back for holding on Moore. If you give him an open field, he will not be caught. Obviously he can get separation against the best as he's already proven, but if the coaches have eyeballs like the rest of us, after watching this game tape he's clearly even more of a freak than even the most bullish DK Metcalf fans believed and knew him to be.
  2. A couple takeaways from this game for me: Seattle's defense sucks Arizona's offense is even harder to contain than I thought. Kyler Murray is a lot better than most people probably think DK Metcalf is an absolute beast. That play where he ran 70+ yards to stop a 90 yard pick six. Absolute manchild. That screen play just now (and him running 22 mph across the screen to stop that pick 6) proved to me that they need to start manufacturing plays where he can catch, have blockers, and outrun people. Give him space and some blockers and he can probably outrun the entire defense to the house. Lockett went off in part because Arizona put Patrick Peterson on DK for the most part. I think this game was good for Metcalf's prospects ROS. Lockett proved he can hurt you if you try to solely key in on DK (and the Seahawks can put up points if you do), and I'm sure the coaches, if they're not stupid, now see that if you set up DK with blockers he will do serious damage. More than just a deep threat. And he surely gained a lot of respect leaguewide for that defensive play.
  3. Gibson could legitimately sniff 200 rushing if they turn him loose in the 2nd half
  4. I could be totally wrong, but I feel if they wanted to make the playoffs they wouldnt have risked it and gone for 2 against the Giants. To me that just seemed like a "we actually wanted to lose" decision
  5. Yup, he ain't playing. Sucks too, he couldve had an amazing day with this matchup. We just can't have nice things.
  6. I heard the Packers are looking for WRs. Not sure if Gallup is on the block but that would be interesting.
  7. Was literally just looking at this lol. Projected for 5.25 in half-ppr He's in my starting lineup regardless. If anything it's giving JJ's opponents a false sense of security
  8. Slayton 2nd catch so he's in there Edit: damn, looks like hes actually hurt now
  9. Does anyone whos watching the game know if Slayton ever went back in? Saw he limped off after his TD catch and doesnt seem to have any targets after that Edit: Slayton just got a second catch so he's in there Edit 2: Looks like Slayton is actually hurt now. Ugh
  10. Anyone know if Slayton was back in the game after limping around on his TD catch?
  11. For what it's worth, the corner who Slayton will see a lot of this week (Kendall Fuller) is rated as the #3 CB this season by PFF
  12. [...] I am getting big time Martavis Bryant vibes here. If Martavis was able to control his weed use I think he would've had a massive career. And Claypool looks to be very similarly skilled and just as if not even more physically gifted. Great head on his shoulders; very intelligent (not saying Martavis wasn't). I like Preston Williams but Claypool is the choice here for me, without looking back.
  13. Funniest chit I've seen in a while. And accurate too