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  1. It's definitely gotten worse, and this season feels like the worst in a long time. Between the load management, resting, "precautionary" approach to injuries, and injuries in general, I feel like most of us have been playing musical chairs trying to field a lineup this season. My team has been absolutely decimated by injuries, to the point where I have gone from absolutely believing I have a shot to win it all to actually becoming numb to the fact that injuries alone have eliminated me from serious contention - despite having clinched a playoff spot with the playoffs starting next week. It's brutal.
  2. Curious if you mean the update saying he'll be re-evaluated in two weeks? Or is there an even more recent update?
  3. Hope you're right. I'm not so worried about Kanter being around, but Time Lord does worry me. I feel like he is definitely someone the Celtics will be using in short bursts of minutes which will take minutes away from Theis on a regular basis
  4. Owning this guy when he's getting minutes is such a thrill. Apologies to any Capela owners, injuries really suck (especially this year), but I love Dedmon. Anyone think there's any reason his FG% has tanked this year compared to his last few years where he was averaging the same amount of shots and 3s? I know his time in Sacramento was not set up for his success, but he's talented enough to have a bounce back in FG% i'd think -- at least to 44-45%
  5. Same situation, I have Naz, Dieng, and James Johnson now, as a KAT owner. Dropped Oubre for James Johnson, dropped Brandon Clarke for Dieng. KAT injured, Oubre out, Drummond out, Clarke injured, Dunn out for the season, Ibaka out, with 0 IL spots in this league. It's like musical chairs trying to field a lineup this season. I passed on Otto Porter to keep those 3, which might not have been a great decision, but with the very real possibility that KAT doesn't play again, dropping JJ or Reid at this point in time just didn't seem like a wise choice for me since I have KAT and they're insurance. This turned into a csb quickly, but it felt good to get it out. Injury luck, injury maintenance, and load management this season has been brutal.
  6. I was thinking the same on Powell. Depends on your build and what categories you need to win, but Powell would be a decent fill-in if you need to prioritize FG% and steals. Like you said he'll cost you rebounds in comparison to Oubre. Personally I think Kyle Anderson is an underrated pickup for stocks, rebounds, FG%, and low TOs. Plus he has nice SG,SF,PF eligibility, at least on Yahoo. This has been a horrific stretch of injury luck lately -- for me personally I've lost KAT, Dunn, Clarke, Oubre, and Drummond, with 0 IL slots.
  7. 3 IL spots? Try playing with 0 IL spots in 2020 fantasy NBA. Yep...if I had 3 2 1 IL spots I'd be a happy camper
  8. 40 games this week vs my opponent's 52. Lovely
  9. Oof. Re-evaluated in two weeks. I dropped for Dieng. Cant take the risk in a league with no IR and KAT out as well. If hes back in time for playoffs I'll probably try and add again
  10. I know they said it was a hip last night, and now they're saying quad. I wonder if the hip has anything to do with it. It'd worry me a bit more if the hip is a problem since he's had this recurring hip issue all season. If this was the playoffs I'd cut him for Dieng, but I'm hoping it's a minor injury and that he's able to come back soon. I could be wrong, but the team ruling him out for just Wednesday so far leads me to believe that he's day to day, or else they would've said he'd be re-evaluated at a later time (1-2 weeks) already.
  11. I swear this doesn't happen to other people in my league.