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  1. He’s only good at home against the Central Division...ugh!
  2. Yahoo just updated his status to Day-To-Day.
  3. I remember last season Goldy having back issues. I believe he missed some games down the stretch, I’m wondering if he’s not dealing with those same issues.
  4. His 98th pitch was clocked at 100mph! Great game!
  5. What happens to Suarez when Senzel gets called up? Does this guy still have a position to play?
  6. I’m really conflicted this week. Any advice is welcomed, thank you!
  7. I wouldn’t trade Kamara for Bell. I don’t know any owners that would at this point.
  8. Owners wanted to bail on Melvin Gordon after last weeks performance too...just sayin’
  9. 2017 Hyde and Zeke Champion! Carlos Hyde and Ezekiel Elliott owner...
  10. Goldy out of the lineup again today after an off day yesterday. Anyone know why?