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  1. Rojo easy. He has no competition versus AP who has lots
  2. I hate starting Rojo but with Fournette out there's no one for him to get benched for so thats my vote
  3. I am actually going to say Wilson. A good part of it is I just really don't like Fuller and never have. Not the biggest Wilson fan but I like his floor a whole lot better. If you need a home run I have no problem picking Fuller though
  4. Chark definitely. But that's your option for WR5 jeez that's a pretty good choice
  5. 12 team PPR Already have Conner and Jonnu out. If the Pats and Chiefs don't play I am going to have 3 starter definitely out plus Adams as a game time decision So the question is do I pick up Goff off waivers and give him the start over Mahomes this week? I am probably also picking up MVS to have an option if Adams can't go If the answer is yes who would your two drops be 12 Team PPR: QB: Mahomes RB: Ekeler, Conner, Ingram, White, Latavius Murray, Robinson, Davis WR: Adams, Metcalf, Cooks, Lamb TE: Gesicki, Jonnu Smith
  6. So the guy who owns Miles Sanders and Montgomery is extremely short at WR having Sutton, Godwin, and Crowder all injured and Pittman his only healthy WR My question is what kind of trade would you propose for either of them or Gesicki to help replace Mccafrey. I am not very good at trading so could use your help My team: 14 team PPR League: QB: Roethlisberger RB: Mccaffrey, Fournette, Gibson, White, Evans, Robinson WR: Robinson, Moore, Chark, Lamb, Miller, Reagor TE: Hooper Their team: QB: Murray, Stafford RB: Sanders, Akers, Montgomery, Pollard, Breida WR: Godwin, Sutton, Crowder, Pittman TE: Fant, Goedert, Gesicki
  7. I am going to keep banging the Cooks drum. When healthy Cooks is a WR2 maybe a 3 for me while I just have little faith in Miller. Cooks at the very least has the much higher ceiling so I would hold Help in return?
  8. I think you won. I like Allen this year but I prefer Murray. As for the RBs I would prefer having neither at this point so it's a wash if you ask me though Ingram might be slightly better with the injury. As a bonus you got an upgrade at kicker so well done Thanks for the help!
  9. I would say Latavius. He's a great handcuff and he has standalone value. Coleman is probably second but there is just too many mouths to feed in San Fran. Help in return?
  10. I am going to agree with the rest Reagor for Kelley. I just don't see a whole lot of value in Mckinnon right now and Reagor has upside but not sure about him for now. Help in return?
  11. Drop Cohen I think. I have never been much of a Cohen fan and I think Brown for now at least has the higher upside due to more touches. Help in return?
  12. So James Robinson made it through waivers and I only put a claim in on Malcolm Brown. Who would you drop to make room? 12 Team PPR: QB: Mahomes RB: Ekeler, Conner, Ingram, White, Latavius Murray, Malcolm Brown WR: Adams, Metcalf, Cooks, Lamb, Miller TE: Gesicki, Jonnu Smith
  13. Haskins is better now and I think has more upside at this point. Also is less likely to lose his job so Haskins is my vote Help in return: