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  1. Sorry guys there seems to be some confusion. Bears D, Jones, and Samuel are available in the 12 man only and this question is only about the 12 man. The 18 man is a mess and I wish those guys were available
  2. I would still say Evans particurally if DJ sits. If you have soured on Evans than I would have no problem going Edmonds assuming no DJ. I would not start Ekeler Help please
  3. I would drop Howard and Buffalo for Everett and Tennessee. Howards in a timeshare and I do not believe in holding onto multiple D/ST unless there is a very specific reason. There is a small dropoff between Buffalo and Tennessee so I would definitely drop Buffalo Help please:
  4. Its a tossup but I would lean Gallup on matchup. I am not sold on Gallup but Woods has a really tough matchup and has more competition for targets Help please
  5. Upgrading Kirk is definitely the priority. Your RBs are sick but you are hurting at WR. Evans is hit or miss and Kirk isn't yet a WR2. I would look to bundle him with Freeman, Gordon or maybe one of your TEs if someone would bite. Sidenote one way or another you really don't need all three of your TEs. I would be looking to drop either Herndon or Howard depending on preference Help please
  6. Andrews to start with though I would have no problem trading either for Cook. Theres a good chance he would want Kittle though Help please:
  7. 12 Team PPR league below. Would you pick them up and who would you drop? 12 Team PPR QB: Winston, Goff RB: Chubb, Michel, Mack, Penny, Mccoy WR: Hopkins, Thielen, Godwin, Kirk, Green TE: Waller, Andrews K: Slye D/ST: Chargers
  8. I think Conner and Henry are a wash but you clearly win with the rest so I would take that and run before he wakes up. Help please
  9. I agree I just don't see Wilson playing but I would still prefer him in a redraft they just don't seem to want Harris to get involved. In a keeper though he definitely has the higher upside so if he's the best available I would do it Thanks for the help with mine
  10. Its a tossup but go with the #1 aka Sanders.They are both having good years but Sanders has been better also Help please:
  11. In a 10 man I would drop the Eagles I think but definitely drop one of the two. In a 10 man there is no need at all to hold onto two defenses Help please
  12. I might drop Hyde for Singletary just because I think Singletary has higher upside but I would probably stay put Help please
  13. For PPR leagues in sig and pasted at the bottom of post First up waivers: Would you drop Kirk in 12 man for one of the following: Fuller Samuel Drake Burkhead And than in 18 man: Would you rather have Hockenson or Herndon? Don't forget to leave your links Teams: 18 Team PPR QB: Winston, Bridgewater RB: Ekeler, Howard, Lewis, Ballage, Damien Williams WR: Julio, Thielen, Godwin, Goodwin TE: Howard,Hockenson K: Bryant D/ST: Broncos, Chiefs 12 Team PPR QB: Winston, Goff RB: Chubb, Michel, Mack, Penny, Mccoy WR: Hopkins, Thielen, Godwin, Kirk, Green TE: Waller, Andrews K: Slye D/ST: Chargers
  14. I am never a fan of leaving spots open so no I wouldn't. Those points may just come in handy come playoff time and I really don't see Dalton putting the Steelers D into the negative Thanks for the help with mine
  15. Yeah I don't see much either. I agree that trading picks maybe your best bet though maybe bundle one of your young WRs with a pick. His receiving core is pretty old. You have virtually the same strengths and weaknesses.I would definitely be willing to trade picks you are in some pretty desperate straights at RB Thanks for the help with mine
  16. I lean Lindsay actually. Its close but Lindsay has the better matchup and has been better this year Help please
  17. Horrible trade. Bears D>Pats D if you ask me though if you really want to make that trade straight up fine but Carson is still>>Robinson. Carson is still a top 15 RB and to give him up for a minor upgrade is crazy Help please:
  18. I have been offered Barkley for my AJ Green and Mark Andrews. Do it right? My team 12 Team PPR QB: Winston, Goff RB: Chubb, Michel, Mack, Penny, Mccoy WR: Hopkins, Thielen, Godwin, Kirk, Green TE: Waller, Andrews K: Crosby D/ST: Chargers
  19. Ended up sending Andrews and Green as someone suggested to gauge his interest in Green and get accepted only for it to get vetoed in 3 minutes flat by the commish. So time to go have a conversation about trade values with my commish
  20. Bell and Cooks for me. Bell's going to be better once Darnold comes back, I also personally would prefer him slightly right now without Darnold and I like Cooks more than Moore. The Henry Moore side is betting on current production but there is a lot more upside with Bell and Moore and honestly its close even on current production. Help please
  21. I would hold onto Brown with Gurleys knees particurally since you own Gurley. I don't love dropping Herndon but you have Hooper so you aren't desperate. All in all I would drop Herndon Help please:
  22. Like the others I would stick to the original offer and definitely wouldn't trade Samuel whatever you do. Diggs is in a bad passing offense and just isn't playable right now. Help please:
  23. Its a tossup but I lean Murray. I am just not sold on Danny Dimes yet. Its a great matchup but I am going to need to see more than one week from him. Help please:
  24. I would take Goff at home. Its a better matchup and Goff is awesome at home. Ryan should be good but Tennesses tough so Goff for me Help please:
  25. Carson for me and I would keep Boyd in FLEX. Even with the fumbles I would give Carson another chance especially with a banged up still Penny Thanks for the help with mine!