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  1. This. These 2 plays and there was a play that his center got blown up and he cut back against the grain for a 5-6 yarder, it looked so fluid that Joe Buck thought the center was sealing the defender for a counter, when in fact he had just gotten demolished. He will be an every week start for me (barring week 12, I suggest you bench him too).
  2. Well, I bought into this sh** show, thinking there's absolutely no way it can continue to be this bad. I sent Josh Gordon and Dak for OBJ and John Brown in a 10 team 3WR 1QB 1 Flex league for reference on market. Think I did okay there given my roster. I think the 49ers game was about as bad as it gets and HOPEFULLY the coaching staff sees the neccessity to get the ball in his hands quickly, they seemed to be circling the drain on doing so but went about it the wrong way... hoping for a steady dose of slants, screens, etc. so he can house call a few. Good luck boys!!!!!
  3. Josh Gordon, Chris Godwin, Dede Westbrook, Tyler Lockett Post your link, I will help in return
  4. Here's some contextual analysis from last game to put the RBBC in context. It is not my own, but thought I would share it here, seems like the RBBC comment is 100% coach speak, "hot hand" is clearly not true or Clement would've not come off the field... they want the ball to be in Josh Adams hands. "He really is feeding Josh Adams. If it weren't for penalties, an injury, and a called back touchdown, Josh Adams would've had a tremendous game. And even though Clement did great while he was out, he continued getting the ball even when he was playing poorly. Adams on his first run, second play of the day: J.Adams up the middle for 52 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by nonsense penalty. He then sits out by injury. Clement comes in and goes: 0, 5, 0, 32 yards. Adams comes back in: -4 yards, plays next drive and gets 5 yards and 1 yard, then halftime. So at half Adams is 3 carries for 2 yards and Clement is 4 carries for 37 yards. After half Adams comes out and runs 1 yard, now 4 carries 3 yards... But they keep feeding him. Next carries are 6 yards, 6 yards. So now he is at 6 carries 15 yards. So now with 10 minutes left in the 3rd, Eagles are down 10-19 and clearly struggling in the running game... How does their drive go? Incomplete pass to Adams, 19 yard run by Adams, 2 yard run by Adams, offsides, 7 yards to Alshon, 7 yards Adams, 2 yards Adams, false start, 3rd and 6 Wentz incomplete to Tate, field goal. So they are down 2 scores halfway into the third quarter and Adams gets 4 carries and 1 out of 3 targets, with the third being a 3rd and 6 created by a false start. The false start was going to be another Adams run. Now Adams is at 11-52. Clement hasn't touched the ball since his 32 yard gain with 8:18 left in the second. The next drive has a quick long sack on Wentz and they have to pass before punting. Eagles get the ball back in the 4th quarter down 5 points. First play is a Josh Adams 0 yard run. Clement comes in and picks up 31 yards on two plays, a 23 yard reception and an 8 yard carry... So now Clement has 68 yards, including 63 on his previous 3 plays... Compared to Josh Adams, who is having a mediocre game. So what do the Eagles do here, 10 minutes left down 5, with Clement playing great and Josh Adams struggling? Conclude the drive with 5 consecutive Josh Adams runs for 30 yards, a touchdown, and a 2 point conversion. All to Josh Adams. Eagles get the ball back tied 22-22 with 5 minutes left. Adams gets 6 out of 9 plays (all runs, and he gets every run), Eagles kick the field goal to win the game. Adams, who started the second half 4 carries for 3 yards and nursing an injury when his backup has been breaking huge gains, ends the game with 22 CAR, 84 YDS, 1 TD, one 2PT conversion, 16.40 standard... 18 more carries! Clement had only one second half carry and one second half reception. Adams had 11 runs on the final 14 plays despite the Eagles being down 5 or tied. If they didn't stray from Adams in this game, I don't know why everybody is so confident they will in the upcoming ones."
  5. Their offensive game this week looked like a regression to the McCoy days of earlier this season, it lacked imagination, Rosen refused to take what was given to him underneath form both Fitz and DJ, and LA covered and rushed pretty well. It was a perfect storm of absolute rubbish from this offense. The targets to Fitz and DJ are inexcusable, it had to do with scheme and execution by that mockery of an NFL QB (at this point) once the game got outta hand it looked like he refused to pass a ball underneath. Maddening. No explanation for Oak game but I'll take the tuddies. I would expect a marked improvement in target share for DJ and Fitz.... or maybe that's me wishful thinking.
  6. Very valid point. Do you believe that, even if they called 35-40 pass plays for Lamar while playing from behind that he wouldn't ab lib and use his legs a pretty good amount ? I truly think that if he was asked to pass that often he would still end up with 60+ yds on the ground. That's the whole meat and potatoes of my point, It got lost somehwere in there with rushing attempts as I conflated what I was trying to say. No one can make this kid sit in the pocket and pass for the whole game, he had 2 rushing attempts in the first half last week and still hit 70+ on the ground. If ATL got comfortable with a big lead and started playing a vanilla defensive scheme with the bunch they got on D, he would absolutely thrash them on the ground, even if the intention was to pass. It's just not in his nature to be contained in the pocket, regardless of score, and for fantasy purposes.... I dig it. I understand where you're coming from and acknowledge that ATL can put up 20+ in a hurry on someone, which is something we haven't seen yet with LJ.
  7. As I said in the post you quoted, I apologize for the defensive tone, it didn't provide any real input. I don't need a rosy outlook but your's is unrealistic and it doesn't particularly make sense to think they're just gonna start airing it out after you have seen 2 games in a row of 40+ rushes and a clock controlling offense against defenses as putrid as the one they face this week. Why in god's name do you think they would get away from that when the way to beat an offensive team stacked with talent is to stay the course with what has worked and not allow them to have the ball?
  8. I'm sorry if my post came across as douchey. You make a valid argument if Balt's D can't stop Atlanta (who has a much better offense than Oak or Cincy) , I should've engaged in more civil discourse than my last paragraph. My apologies, mate.
  9. OR they can run the ball 40+ times against a team that can't stop a nose bleed and keep the ball out of the dangerous offenses hands... similar to what they've done BOTH GAMES LJ HAS STARTED, in which they've out possesed their opponents by a combined 24 minutes, and also won. I seriously feel like people are coming in here and just making up things to argue why this guy isn't viable. It boggles the mind. Do you legitimately think the Ravens coaching staff doesn't know who they're playing? Do we think that they, I don't know, might quite possibly game plan around it.
  10. I was shocked to not see DJ running back to the sideline in order to choke Rosen until he expired after he ignored him OPEN in the flats or on a short route about 46 times yesterday. I nearly had a heart attack from being so angry.
  11. Don't particularly like him against Dallas, benching for Adams coming out party on Monday night.
  12. i couldn't give a sh*t less why it's happening. I think we all see talent, we all see the vanilla scheme, we all see the receiving corps outside of Adams, etc, etc. People are upset becuase he's vastly underperfomed against his ADP at the position and some keep holding on because he's aaron rodgers. You put "down year" - you honestly can't be mockingly putting that in quotes right? 20-1 TD rate and barely in the top 10 Qb's on the season when he was drafted Top 1-2 QB across the board. What he's done his "whole career" is moot in the 2018 football season. He's a great real football player, I'll grant you that. He has vastly underperformed as a fantasy QB in 2018.
  13. This has been stated by a few ex teammates (although with kid gloves) that he refuses to acknowledge or take critcism and that the opinion of the general football fan, generally fed by the media's drooling over him, insulates him from introspection. Maybe that is sour grapes from a few guys?
  14. Kid beat out Wentz, Brady, Brees, Rodgers and will finish as a QB1 this week in 12 team leagues and someone came on here to tell us all he "told us" (referencing a dud) before the game was over. God I love this place.