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  1. Do you think the 15mph winds will make a big difference?
  2. I'm still not sure I also have DeAndre Washington and Boone to choose from, I might start one of them if the weather is crazy.
  3. I would keep an eye on the weather in TB. forecast yesterday said high winds up to 18mph and chance of storms.
  4. You've gotta start Hopkins most likely but what about Perriman?
  5. 10 team standard league Boone vs. GB Perriman vs. Houston DeAndre Washington @ Chargers My concern for Perriman is the wind could be around 20 mph this game My concern for Boone is that it's a Monday night game and they will wait til Monday to rule the other Vikings RBs out. Thoughts?
  6. Just a heads up for this game, current predictions show 18 mph winds and possibly rain on Saturday morning. Could effect a deep threat like Perriman.
  7. The Saints defense has statistically played quite a bit better on the road this year. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nor/2019_opp_splits.htm#game_location_splits::none
  8. I think I'm probably going to roll with him for a few reasons: He's as hot as any QB in the league right now not named Lamar and the Titans are playing at home. The Saints D looked good last night but Brissett looked pretty bad and the Saints gave up 40+ points to the 49ers last week. He's at least had a safe floor in almost every game this year. Brees looked really good last night and the Titans might have to throw to keep up.
  9. Good to see him get back on track, I had a good feeling he would. I needed him to come through bad with Evans and Ridley injuries. Looking forward to AZ now he didn't do so well last time they played, but I have to start.
  10. I gotta keep rolling with him. Hoping he lights up the Saints D like Jimmy G. did last week. I'll be watching the Saints D real close tonight. Have to keep an eye on Henry though I don't know if want to play Tanny if he's out.
  11. Nice to see him finally get some ceiling games and at a good time for the fantasy playoffs.
  12. People keep saying you know what happens if we bench him. Well he's been on my bench the last 4 weeks and it's worked out great. I'm going to have to ride with him this week though due to the passing of Ridley and Evans. Not confident at all.
  13. Picked him up last week and started when some members in my league questioned me and he made me look like a genius against the Mohommes owner.
  14. Not sure if this is the game to stream him against the Eagles D. You'd have to hope he gets a TD, smells like a 20 carry 60 yard game.
  15. Think I have to roll with him this week due to both Evans and Ridley's injuries. Not sure how much confidence I have though this is probably going to be a 25 carry Carson game due to gamescript.
  16. I lost both as well not sure what my plans are for this week, going to have to pick up someone.
  17. Why is this guy constantly In top 10 expert rankings. The Fantasy Footballers have him ranked 10th this week and Mike Tagliere has him ranked 9th. He's done that one game this season in week 2. He's been on my bench the last 5 weeks
  18. I'm sure you thought he was a high end RB 2 the past 3 weeks as well. I know I did and it's been disappointing because teams are forcing Jimmy G to throw.
  19. I like Tannehill rest of season because he's been so consistent. I have Goff on my bench but just so I can start him next week against the Cardinals and after that I will drop him. I also have Foles and probably will be starting him in the upcoming weeks because of the juicy matchups coming his way.
  20. Zeke just doesn't look very explosive to me and he's not used in the pass game anymore. I don't think you'll see much yardage from him this game but hopefully he can reach the endzone a time or two like last week.
  21. I see alot of people confident in Coleman this week but after the last 3 games I can't say I'm one of them. I could see GB doing something like Arizona did like selling out the run D but having better success against the pass. I've been chasing his week 8 blowup game without success, and I think I'll try something else this week.
  22. I think I would probably do it. I kinda see Zeke for Jacobs straight up right now as a lateral move plus you get a bonus Dalvin's handcuff. Jacobs looks more explosive than Zeke in my opinion plus better matchups.
  23. 10 team standard league I have alot of options this week for QB. Torn between a few QB Jimmy G vs. GB Nick Foles @ Ten Brissett @ Hou Driskel @ Wsh Tannehill vs. Jax Darnold vs. Oak Flex: Ridley vs. TB T. Coleman vs. GB
  24. I thought so. Is this some kind of a conspiracy or can the ref not hear. You would think Geno would have raised some hell with the refs for getting it wrong.