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  1. well with the numbers Cousins' posts, I think bengals fans would be pleased
  2. Maybe so, but he is coming off of a season ending injury, and is practically still a rookie
  3. It all falls on Jonah. If he doesnt perform up to his expectations, the line is below average. If he misses time due to inury or whatever? It’s just as bad as last year.
  4. Ok honest question here: Why did nobody have a problem with Kitna starting over #1 overall pick Carson Palmer in 2003, but people cant fathom Dalton starting over Burrow. Kitna isnt better than Dalton, and nobody knows if Burrow is better than Palmer. Give me a real answer and reason here. Burrow being better than Palmer is not a real answer because it is unknown. Rookie qb’s starting year 1 being a trend isnt a real answer. the media and fans being more sensationalized isnt a real answer. Nor is it a good thing. If the bengals keep dalton on the roster, and they battle it out in training camp and preseason to see who the better starter is, and dalton wins it, are people going to revolt? The bengals arent even in a position to win right now. Im just saying nobody freaked out in 03, so if dalton beats out burrow, I really dont want to see fans acting foolish
  5. Yep. Joe Burrow is the product of the LSU system. That ability to handle pressure and maneuver the pocket? Joe Brady. The superb accuracy on downfield passes? Joe Brady.
  6. No no I get it. Your opinion is that palmer was a better talent than burrow. I cant really argue that. It’s your opinion. Palmer was a great talent, but I think burrow has more
  7. ...Hmm, yea he had a strong arm, and he played well for cincinnati even after the steelers took his knee out. But Burrow has the better accuracy and mobility
  8. Lol he wont bust. He’s going to a team whose last 2 full time qb’s were carson palmer and andy dalton. They werent busts, and burrow’s more talented than both.
  9. I hate this backfield. I guess it's still Damien's backfield for now, but I'm not touching any chiefs RB's unless I'm desperate
  10. they have their first round pick from last year Jonah Williams returning from injury, and they grabbed the Cowboys guard in free agency Xavier Su'a-filo. On paper, the line should be better than last season. They certainly surrounded Burrow with plenty of wr talent, especially if Green plays. But yea, there's still some doubts about that o-line
  11. Bill is 14-6 without Brady since 2008. I think new england will be fine
  12. The pats are REALLY hurting with offensive weapons right now. You have to give them time to truly assess them offensively and their new qb properly. With that said, people think/thought Montana was the goat. Yet Steve Young ended up winning a title after Joe left. Bill Walsh is one of the best, and learned from Paul Brown. Belichik’s favorite coach? Paul Brown patriots will be fine as long as they have ol’ Billy boy