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  1. how do we like Miles Sanders here ROS?
  2. They've tried, it hasnt been good. I'm not an Allen fanboy, but you're really going out of your way to hate on a good qb who is carrying his team. Most likely winning the afc east and getting eliminated in the first round, but still. Allen's been impressive even with a completion percentage that isnt up to par
  3. ok yes brown too when he is healthy. The point is the passing game for buffalo is the reason they have a winning record
  4. Look at the scores of the games that the bills have won 27-17 31-28 35-32 30-23 18-10 Other than the jets games, it's the offense that has won the games for buffalo. And the offense cant run the ball at all
  5. what are you referring to, the bills defense? They're bad. The bills are a 2 man team. Diggs and Allen
  6. they cant help who they face. We all know the Bills are decent, but not great. Those type of teams beat bad ones, beat ok ones, but lose to the great ones. Josh is carrying that team. I dont think you understand that
  7. Josh Allen’s carrying that team. He was the only reason the bills were competitive against kc of course the bills are going to lose to the best afc teams
  8. Can’t believe big Whit is still performing at a high level after all these years. He should be a hall of famer, but they won’t put him in
  9. Lmao reading this thread is great. Bunch of mixon fan boys, obviously. As a bengals fan, it’d be stupid to keep gio completely off the field. Yes, mixon should see the majority of snaps and playing time, but gio is no scrub. He has his role, and he plays it well. all of the complaining won’t magically keep gio on the bench
  10. You have to start him due to his running ability, big play ability, and the fact that the bills have to throw because, A: the running game is crap, and B: the defense gives up tons of points
  11. I think this hurts the run game for now. Teams will employ the bengals/Steelers game plan of shut down the run game at all costs, and have mayfield beat you. Mayfield was able to beat the bengals because....bengals. When Chubb comes back, I think that’s when u see hunt’s receptions go up
  12. I think they should invest in the o-line so the run game can improve
  13. Most ppl aren’t watching bills games, and they’re still referencing the narrative he was given last year from the media. plus those 2 games where Allen struggled were against 2 of the top 3 teams in the afc with great defenses. Allen’s barely working with a run game and has to carry that team all the way He’ll be fine ros. Will throw and run for plenty of touchdowns
  14. Aj’s been balling these last couple of games not gonna lie here seems like he’s got his feet back under him and shook the rust off
  15. Yea Kirk is like the high volume runningback that doesn’t catch passes, and doesn’t have a high ypc, but uk he has the high touchdown upside. So things can go either great or bad but mainly great