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  1. Per 36 without DLo: 12.5 points, 4 boards, 4.5 dimes, 1.5 steals, 1.4 treys dropped Ariza for him
  2. Bowman officially signed. Should have decent run at PG until curry comes back
  3. What’s his contract situation? He is still in the g league isn’t he? How soon can he okay assume they convert him?
  4. What do you think about ky bowman Kyle Anderson?
  5. Maybe getting consistent 25 minutes, Winslow’s back is not looking good
  6. Darren Collison, could be also a winner pick up most likely going to LAL now IT in Clippers
  7. how serious is his injury? lol sorry for the same question at the same time
  8. Dieng cancels out each other with Clarke?
  9. still 3 weeks until March 1st. is Bowman still in the G-league unless they convert him?
  10. starting PG for the ROS? (if Curry sits out) Anyone knows how's his contract situation now?
  11. I dont see it for Beasley, they have so many guards now (now with Dlo doing all the ball handling and Evans added in)
  12. Any trade deadline live show podcast or YouTube you guys know of?
  13. Lol lucky I dropped his butt yesterday
  14. i prematurely added K.Andersan when i saw the tweet that Hill and Crowder were pulled out the game.....wasted a move
  15. how about Layman, he can be back and become a timeshare?
  16. points and 3s - nothing much for Beasle. for me ill take Juancho
  17. same here, i am not sure what am I going to do with House......
  18. hold or drop for like Beasley or Hartenstein now ROCO is here????