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  1. ESPN updated his status to doubtful... my starting lineup is looking very thin.
  2. I agree with others. I can’t start him until after he logs a full game. He single handily killed me last week (we start 3 WRs). I was able to get Claypool, so I’ll be starting him.
  3. Same exact situation as you. He has 0 trade value. He’s definitely droppable at this point. Even in my 14 team league.
  4. So glad I traded away Malcolm Brown this week. I want nothing to do with this Rams backfield.
  5. Same here. If he doesn’t come back that will be two games in a row...
  6. As an Ingram owner I would let him rot in free agency.
  7. Grabbed him basically for free. Now is the time to grab him For next to nothing since GB has a bye.
  8. Jesus how can your qb throw for 400+ yds and you still lose?! Dallas is what the Steelers were a few years ago. Awesome offense, Terrible defense.
  9. How is Kelley so non existent with Ekeler out?
  10. Up against Mixon and Hunt this week... My RB2 is now Adrian Peterson.... I lost Cam and Ben for this week so I had to grab Cousins off free agency and start him. lost diontae johnson and Corey Davis this week. Michael Gallup is completely non existent.