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  1. Do we feel confident rolling him out there tonight? [...]
  2. James Conner Devonta Freeman Jared Goff Everyone else mentioned here is fair game if they drop in the draft.
  3. As a SF defense owner I can’t say I’m too upset about that last play haha
  4. Wtf?! No one to drop and plug in at this point...
  5. Mediocre showing today. Hopefully he starts to warm up, otherwise he is just a serviceable backup on my bench.
  6. I hope Waller gets more involved as this game progresses.
  7. Doing the exact same thing. Minshew has been pretty consistent so far with decent numbers.
  8. If I was you, I would either trade him for a RB upgrade or plug him in your flex and start picking out a polisher for your championship trophy. It would be illogical to go back to Foles at this point unless Minshew starts crapping the bed.