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  1. I have officially gotten off this wild ride for the Oubre wagon. Good luck ya'll!
  2. He settled for a silly mid range in the clutch. Once he cleans those up and becomes more aggressive... DAMN.
  3. Booker and Ayton are too fun to watch, even though I am facing booker this week smh 😂
  4. Pre-emptively started calling him a beta lmaoo
  5. Yeah. Thankfully its a very full slate on Monday. Rest up big fella.
  6. So why does he have a 5th round ranking for the past 20 games? The 3 good games are really carrying him.
  7. Lmao. Reading comprehension isn't your strength, is it? Ceiling = continue to be 3rd rounder? Gotcha 😂 He is already 3rd rounder in his last 10 games. He's already "achieving" his ceiling. Its obviously unrealistic for him to keep this up the entire year, but that's the definition of ceiling smh.
  8. Lmao. I mean you were getting hot over Svi, so I guess you're one of us 😂
  9. Nah. Curry has a definitive date that's relatively close, and even that's been a hesitant stash for me. Too many unknowns with Nurk.
  10. "2nd/3rd round ceiling is laughable". But he is already a 3rd rounder for the past 10 games??? 5th rounder for the past 20 games? The mental gymnastics blows my mind.
  11. Haha. Lash out with insults when you get clowned for your blatant inaccuracies. I had to reduce the image size because of the sizing limits, but reuploaded it through imgur since you're too lazy to check game logs yourself and fact check.
  12. Can you fact check and not make up lies please? They played all 10 games together. Thanks.
  13. He's a 3rd rounder in his last 10 games.. including the game where he played 7 minutes due to his injury. Not sure what's so absurd about an, unlikely, yet possible 2/3rd CEILING.
  14. Lol. DAMMIT. Where's our go fund me for his mattress?!