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  1. Steals were yummy, but man, he looked sloppy on offense. Anytime he put the ball on the floor, he kept kicking it. Got lucky his teammates recovered it like 3 to 4 times, so he didn't get turnovers. Hopefully he figures out the offense side of things too.
  2. Haha same here man, same here. Makes it sting a lot less.
  3. You do realize how bad the Warriors were in the early years right? Curry was still putting up great efficiency in that time period
  4. 4 game sample size vs 10 year sample size. Are you serious? Lol
  5. This dude is shook against the Raptors defense lmaoo Edit: loool ends it off by spraining his ankle. Great job
  6. The f--- is this dude doing to get all these turnovers??
  7. He's FEELING himself with fadeaway 3s. LETS GO.
  8. Lost Kelly (among many other), but at least I was able to drop him for Norm. Three 3PTM already. Lets GOOO stormin Norman
  9. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit I see.
  10. Same. Its brutal right now. Dudes dropping like flies.
  11. LOL. This dude. Picks up a quick foul, gets checked out. Comes in, picks up his second foul in 20 seconds and checks back out. Then checks in second quarter, and BOOM. 3rd foul 20 seconds later. Checks back out. Wtf????
  12. What's the word? Is he making his comeback against his old team?