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  1. Hilton has been very good the last 3 weeks. Can’t bench him. I think White is a safer play thanSamuels. Good lick and thx for mine
  2. It’s close between Jackson and Wilson. Fever has a good defense though. I like Jackson just a little bit more. But Wilson is a good play as well. help
  3. I wouldn’t make any changes. Keep it as it is. Good luck help
  4. I’d play Moore. He has the more upside of the 2. Good luck help
  5. Sutton and flex Mixon. Good luck and thx for mine
  6. Sanu for sure. And if Gilmore is out I’d go with Parker. If not then go with Duke. Good luck and thx for mine
  7. If Trubisky plays I’d play Burton. If he is out play Thomas. Thx for mine
  8. Ware over Adams. Although they both play tough defenses Ware plays in the better offense and will have a higher chance to score a TD. I like Moore. Ward is out today so Cle secondary is weak
  9. Gordon for sure. I just can’t trust Cousins in Seattle. Go Lamar help
  10. Made the playoffs but I lost Conner and Gordon Need help with my 2 RBs and Flex .5 PPR (pick 2 RBs and a FLEX) Ingram vs Atl, Ware vs Bal, J. Jackson vs Cin, Godwin vs NO Thanks.
  11. Conner and Breida for sure. I think I like Ware a little more than Adams
  12. Drop one of your QBs. Probably Winston. Keep Lamar help
  13. I'd play Reynolds and COnley. Boyd will see a lot of Chris Harris in the slot and J. Brown and Lamar do not seem to have chemistry yet. help
  14. WHy not. Hunt aint coming back any time soon. Thx for mine
  15. I'd start Sanders over Golladay and Flex Mixon. help
  16. Last game of the season, I'm 6-6 and need the win to make the playoffs. Already had a bad start with M. Thomas and M. Ingram. Need help with my FLEX. .5 PPR DJ Moore @TB or S. Ware @Oak
  17. Sanders for sure. He is the #1 WR in Denver and is having a good season. He is the most reliable and safe of the bunch. Good luck. Thx for mine.
  18. I would not trade Keenan. He is getting hot. He has scored in the last 2 games and his upcoming schedule is not bad at all. I would offer Gronk and BOyd instead. Thx for mine
  19. I'd go Howard because I believe they will have to run the ball more without Trubinski. I think GUs is the best of the rest. help