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  1. If Diggs was not hurt I would trade. But at the moment I would hold off. help
  2. Gross! Maybe take a chance with McGuire if yo dont feel comfortable then start Ito. help
  3. I would keep him. He is better than any of those guys you listed. help
  4. Need to start 1 WR, 1 TE and 1 FLEX. Thanks. .5 PPR WR: K. Allen @Sea, C. Kupp @NO, C. Sutton vsHou, RB: M. Ingram vsLAR TE: Burton@Buf, Njoku vsKC
  5. It's a kicker man, you'll be fine either way. Thx for mine
  6. How the heck did you get Gurley, Kamara, Hopkins, and Julio in a 12 men league? Your team is ridiculous. I think you did just fine in the trades.
  7. I'd drop Engram, D-Martin or Goodwin, in that order help
  8. I would NOT trade Gurley. Not even for baby jesus himself. Thx for mine.
  9. I wouldn't. McDonald should be fine for just this week. I'd wait to see how Cooper does. You may be able to trade him for someone better if he performs well. help
  10. Need a win, currently (3-5). I have good WRs but lacking RBs. I was offered Melvin Gordon for Antonio Brown. Do you think this trade will help my team? .5 PPR QB: Goff, Rivers RB: Conner, Ingram, Barber, Ekeler WR: A. Brown, M. Thomas, K. Allen, C. Kupp, C. Sutton TE: Njoku, Burton
  11. If I was the other owner I wouldn't do that trade since the rest of his RBs are not very good. You should offer it anyways and see if he bites. Thx for mine.
  12. I don't know man. Gurley is the best player in fantasy. I'd would keep him. Although Kamara and AB is a damn good offer. I think I would still keep Gurley and look on waivers help on your bye weeks. help
  13. Monitor Breida's health. If he is OK I would roll with him and Coleman. Barber was nor used very much when Fitz was the starter. help:
  14. I wouldn't trade Brown from Howard. I would grab any of those guys from waivers. I think you will be fine. help