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  1. I will be 3-3 and in serious need of RBs. One of the other teams in my league will be 1-5 and is willing to trade Mixon. I had deal in place: Kupp for Mixon but he turned it down after Kupp's injury. What would be a fair trade to upgrade my RB situation. He wants a WR, a RB or a combination of both. My team is below: .5 PPR RBs - Ingram, Conner, Lewis, Breida, Ekeler WRs - M. Thomas, A. Brown, Kupp, K. Allen
  2. Gotta go Brock man. He’ll get you st least 2 pts
  3. I like Chester Rogers a lot today against a banged up Jets secondary and no TY Hilton help
  4. I’d roll with Cole man here. Should get a lot of touches. help
  5. .5 PPR Ekeler at Cle or Morris at GB
  6. .5 PPR Ekeler vs @ Cle or Morris vs @ GB
  7. I think Monty is your best bet since Cobb and Allison will not play. help
  8. I'd go Hooper. Should be a high scoring game. help
  9. Drop Robby Anderson. He sucks. If your league rules restrict you form carrying too many RBs then I would drop Carson. help
  10. I'd play Cincy. Burfict is back and Miami sucks. (Im a Dolphins fan). help
  11. That's tough. I would say Cooper because it seems like a lot of points be scored in this game. But Cooper has been shut down by the Chargers the last few time they have played. I think I would play Lockett here. I think he'll get some points in garbage time. Thx for mine
  12. Yeah. If you can keep most of your players I would do that trade. Thx for mine.
  13. L. Miller and McCoy are not good anymore. Morris and Egram are not a whole lot better but I think Green is an upgrade from Keenan. I'd probably do that trade. hrlp
  14. I would keep CMC. I don't think those offers help your team. help
  15. In a 10 men league it is hard to trade QBs because there are so many to choose from on waivers. I am not sure if you can get any value for AP. If you are on a win now mode I would try to trade Bell/Conner for a top RB. May be Gordon or CMC. Or may be trade for James WHite he will be very good ROS. Good luck man
  16. Hell yeah. Great trade! CMC and Kamara will probably win you the league! help
  17. I like Carr the most out of those QB's. But I would still play Wilson over him
  18. I'd go with Dede. help
  19. Tough choices. But I think Woods and Landry. Although I like Ridley a lot too. help
  20. Who are the rest of your RBs? AB is great but Ajayi is one hit away of going on IR plus he shares the backfield with Clement and Smallwood. Drake is trash this season. Hyde and Lindsey are very solid RBs. Thx fpr answering mine
  21. I am having the same issue this week and I'm starting Swaim (Dal). He is starting to get Dak's confidence. Here is a cool stat. He has run the most routes for Dallas offense (including WRs) in the last 4 games. Also Hou allows the 9th most points to TE this season. So I'm crossing my fingers and plugging him in my line up. Thanks for answering mine.