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  1. I would go with Rivers. Very good match ups. help
  2. I think I will decline this trade. I don't think the trade will make you better or worse. Thanks for mine
  3. Start Rivers and THompson. They both have excellent matchups, help
  4. I would drop Lamar Miller. That guy blows. Add Foreman to your IR and add Gio after. help
  5. I'd go with Thompson against a terrible NO defense. help
  6. Cooks and Michel is a better compensation but I would rather keep CMC. help
  7. I'd go with Coleman here. help
  8. I think I like the Kamara trade man. You'll have Green, Evans, Kamara and Gurley. That's pretty insane.
  9. Lamar Miller blows man. I dropped him and I can tell you that I have been sleeping a lot better at night knowing that bum is not in my team anymore. But I do understand that you don't have the RB depth to let him go as of yet. So go ahead and drop Watkins. He is hurt. Probably out a few weeks with a hamstring injury. Pick the Bengals. Thx for answering mine,
  10. Tough decision. I would still play him over Golladay. I think Reid will find creative ways to get him the ball. help
  11. I like Breida a lot this week. Jones is the best RB in GB but for some reason they are still sharing the backfield among 3 RBs. help
  12. I'd play it safe and start Michel. We don't know if Mixon will be brought back slowly. He may share the backfield with Gio if Gio plays. help
  13. Lot more depth at WR: Brown, Thomas, Allen and Kupp.
  14. I'd play Yeldon and Thompson. Pats defense will focus more on Hines because of the other injured players. help
  15. Man if you can make that trade do it in a heartbeat. You have the RB depth and we don't know how much involved Ingram will be. help
  16. My TE is Burton but he is on bye. I need to drop a player to pick a 1 week rental TE from waivers. The top 3 TE options are: Njoku vs Bal, Watson vs Was and Seals-Jones vs @SF. I need to drop one of the following players: Dion Lewis, Austin Ekeler, or Mike Williams. I could also drop one of my 2 QBs: Rivers or Goff. Which player should I drop? I am leaning towards keeping all my players and playing without a TE since those guys probably will not make a difference this week. Thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Do you have an IR spot? Cause if you do you can put Hilton there and pick Keke without dropping anybody. If you don't I wouldn't pick him up. help
  18. NO man. Keep you guys. Ryan is having a great season but you dont need Woods and Monty will never be in your line up. A-Rod is hurt but he will be fine. Jones will start in the backfield soon and Chubb is one injury away from starting. help
  19. It is a great trade if you had more RB depth. I think you can find decent WRs in the waiver wire if you need hjelp there. help