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  1. Meaningless game in losers bracket. But - I’ve scored 126 pts in my standard league. Typical formats and scoring. Not one of my flex players (2RB, 2 WR, Flex WR, TE) scored a single TD. My QB scored 17 pts. Yet I scored 126 points.
  2. Insane ending to the regular season. The #7 seed leapfrogged the #5 seed to make the playoffs. The #5 seed had a decent chance to win his division and get a first round bye. He was 7-5 and playing the 3-9 team (me). in week 13. I beat him handily. His team put up only 46 points. The #7 seed had to win his game. And then outscore the #5 seed by 65 points. Inexplicably - the #5 seed started Jeff Driskell at QB. And still pulled it off. He started the Chiefs D, Will Lutz, Robert Woods, Guice. It came down to his Dalvin Cook and TE Holister against stefon Diggs. They both get injured on the same play. Cook fumbled and the 7 seed was trailing by 0.8 points. In the 4th quarter Holister caught one more pass. The 7 seed outscored the 5 seed by 1.2 points across the entire season and is advancing to the playoffs.
  3. Regular season is over. What an incredible bust. Closest thing I can think of is Todd Gurley in his 2nd season. OBJ was the worst kind of bust. He is the healthy bust. He is a guy that you just always had in your lineup. You can manage an injured bust by not starting him. OBJ never gave us that opportunity. He is the #23 WR who hasn’t even missed a game. Cole Beasley just passed him. OBJ is WR 35 for average points per game. Just terrible.
  4. Rodgers had 3.2 yards per attempt. - .......while completing more than 60% of his passes. Holy crap. That’s soooooo bad
  5. Showed a pulse last week. Could be a good play against the NYG.
  6. I did not drop you my sweet prince. Going on a one week fling with Younghoe
  7. Is it Myers or the rookie that has the upside this week?
  8. Darkhorse blow up week? Colts without Mack. Maybe a faster game. At home. Need to rebound after a tough loss. Went 4/105 earlier this year against the Colts.
  9. I need an all out blitz to win this week. I will need a 30 burger in PPR. I hope this is the week. Im nervous about Baker Mayfield and the distraction. But that was last Thursday. Hopefully he is locked in.
  10. I’m thinking of rolling him out. I’d take a 5/40/1
  11. I won 3 straight championships in my 12 team league. I thought that couldn’t be a coincidence. A 6-7 record last year and a 2-9 record this year has straightened me out.
  12. That’s a tough loss. That could also feed into playoff seeding criteria. Or who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t. Maybe a system where all of H2H, all play, and points scored are weighed. Maybe it’s a 33% across the board or a 50-25-25 split. In points scored I rank 10th In all-play I rank 8th In H2H I’m 6th Composite ranking: 8th The other guy Ranks 1st in points scored Ranks 1st in all-play Ranks 7th in H2H. Composite ranking: 3.33
  13. I’m averaging 113.7 ppg. One guy in my league is scoring 137 ppg. I’m on pace to make the playoffs. He needs help to get into the playoffs. Opponents are averaging a whooping 143 ppg against him. And only 104 ppg against me. Insane bad luck for him. Complete random schedule. That is crazy. Straight up luck if I make the playoffs over him. You name a 40 burger performance this season...great chance he went up against him.