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  1. No joke, I’d rather a car accidentally backup into me against a wall than Derrick Henry in pads running full speed at me with that crazed look in his eyes.
  2. Dud game for sure. But he is still getting endzone looks. But this was a gameflow issue. Niners possessed the ball for 38 minutes. Rams only had 10 drives. The Rams D forced no turnovers or help generate momentum for their offense. I still have faith in Cupp for 5-7 catches 60-80 yards and better than a 50% chance of TD next week. Im also not blessed to have tons of talent to start over him though.
  3. Just telling this story in this thread. Yesterday I was down 101.5 - 72.65. I needed 28.85 points from John Brown and Kenyon Drake to win. John Brown put up a donut. Drake at halftime had 19 yards and a TD. I went to bed thinking I had lost. I woke up to see Drake finished with 164 yards and 2 TDs!!!! For 28.4 points. So close....Still thought I lost 101.5 to 101.05. But then- his Ravens D got stat corrected overnight (from 7 points to 6 points). I freaking won by 0.55 points. Henry and Drake combined for 67 of my 101 points. Tonyan, OBJ, Kupp, Brown and my D combined for just 6 points. And I still won. Fantasy gods....Thank You!!!
  4. Omg I won. I won by 0.08 points because Drake went off and my opponents Ravens defense got stat corrected. I cannot believe this happened. I’m in utter shock. Didn’t even stay up to watch the game.
  5. Just dreadful. In 0.25 PPR I lost in a 12 team league with Derrick Henry putting up 40 points. My 3 WRs were OBJ, Cupp, and John Brown. My TE was Tonyan. All 4 of these games the over/under was higher than 50. In every game, the script was passing from behind. They combined for 59 ******** yards. WTF
  6. Last week someone traded Adrian Peterson straight up for Ronald Jones. Not even close to a veto. But damn....there is an obvious winner imo.
  7. How to lose even when Henry gives you a 40 burger. First, you have to start 2 good WRs that will eat a** all game (OBJ and Kupp). Then, start a hyped up TE (Tonyan) to get you 25 yards. Top it off by starting a red hot defense in prime time (Rams) to get you negative points.
  8. Steelers had 277 total yards of offense. They had 6 penalties. And they beat the pulp out of Cleveland 38-7. OBJ had just 4 targets. On 56 total plays. Only 4 times did they think to involve their best offensive player. Next week is Cincinnati. That should be a much better stat line.
  9. So, any last minute lotto adds? Perine and Moss come to mind. [...]
  10. Any hesitations here? I like the O/U in this game. Should be lots of points. But will this be a 30 carry game for Zeke?
  11. Any person considering Smokey should be grabbing Davis
  12. For the first time in 10+ years of FF I am currently rostering 3 QBs (Ryan, Minshew, Fitz) and 3 TEs (Tonyan, Waller, Engram).
  13. Yeah. If he is blowing up then I am selling Waller for a positional upgrade.
  14. OBJ will get doubled all game. They will not let the Browns beat them with OBJ. Im staying away this week.
  15. I see WR2ish numbers this week from him. Will be plenty of yards and points this game.