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  1. The online arent great but they are not this bad either. I think the heavy rain really effects everyone. Ppl were slipping n falling all over the field
  2. After reading all these comments I see why they call it Fantasy Football
  3. Pete carrol is tripping. He is not playing this week.
  4. Barkley came back early. And kamara was playing on a torn mcl all season last year.
  5. It seem like they planned this for awhile. There's a good chance AB been studying TB playbook for weeks
  6. Love the 20 touches but what the hell with starting barber and giving him all that touches
  7. Lol I just realized what I wrote. smoked some of that sticky earlier
  8. I respect this man for the ability to admit when he's wrong
  9. Idk i haven't seen Bryce, but I'm betting on gibson's talent to rise up and keeps his job.
  10. Brady prolly guarantees AB will be his first read
  11. Well that kills the no one want him narrative