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  1. Titans fans, can anyone elaborate on his lack of targets? You guys concern playing him this week since he’s kinda boom or bust?
  2. I need Ertz to outscore Eagles D in PPR. What do you guys think of my chances?
  3. That's what I am worried about honestly. Gase is so annoying sometimes.
  4. For those of you rolling him out today, what are your realistic expectations? Any chance he gets more pass game work than previous weeks or is that locked in for Samuels?
  5. You guys think there's a chance Gase screws us all and gives Ty a good amount of work (50-50)?
  6. I want to play Bilal, but am I reading too much into this? The most carries Bell has ever gotten since week 5 is 18, and his last two weeks he has gotten 12 and 10 carries. Is there a chance he gets only like 8-10 carries if Ty mixes in?
  7. I think I am going to bench him. Don't have any other good options, but going to pick someone off the WW. Ugh worst possible timing.
  8. He didn't practice today. Is there a chance he had a set back this week or something and doesn't play?
  9. Are we overlooking something...when Chark blew up to start the season, Conley wasn't really relevant, and Westbrook was battling and injury. Now that Conley, Westbrook, and Chark all out there, Chark is getting less looks (as we have seen the past 2 weeks). Am I overthinking this? Is he not the clear cut WR1 on the team anymore?
  10. This came out of nowhere πŸ˜₯ There was no in-game injury of any sort, right?
  11. Anyone have any stats regarding WRs against Chris Harris this year? Trying to figure out if I should fire up Brown. He's so consistent but still am kinda worried about him getting shut down to some extent
  12. I am borderline so close to dropping him. It's so hard to play him when he is healthy, due to his crazy high injury risk. It's a huge gamble every single time.
  13. Down by 18 in full PPR. I still have 49ers D and Tevin Coleman. I also have Breida on my bench. Who gives me a better chance at winning, Coleman or Breida?
  14. Not looking to promising this week. As much as I need him, I hope he just takes the week off and is back to 100% next week.