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  1. All is forgiven on my end. One more big game Saquon!
  2. So much natural talent. BA is really bringing the best out of him.
  3. DIdn't look great throughout, but man that TD to Cooper was a thing of beauty. I'll take the garbage time production anytime.
  4. “And the end zone drop was devastating”. So if he didn’t drop it, would he have still be on fire and you’d be okay starting him?
  5. Giant linebackers are horrendous. Start with confidence if he's healthy.
  6. I think I'm sitting him this week. Vikings D is scary and so is the potential of a timeshare.
  7. We are on a fantasy football forum. Go to a team forum if you want to talk about real life football.
  8. His schedule looks bad these next few weeks
  9. Absolutely pathetic. Rivers should be benched for that performance
  10. I kid you not. This is the worst offensive drive I have ever seen in my life