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  1. Playoffs started. 2 weeks each round. I have a bye for two weeks. Was offered Steph and KAT for McCollum. Take it?
  2. Traded Trae when he was running hot back in November for Dame.. I feel like a thief right now
  3. this isnt a veto... Gobert is ranked top 10 in 10 cat leagues, lillard is 6th. Harden is 1 and Butler is 35th. This is as even as a trade can get.
  4. I was able to flip Favors and Dinwiddie for Derozan. 2 people in my league wanted to veto it though...
  5. 10 team DD league. 10 cat. Is this a veto worthy trade or should it stand?
  6. Think I'll offer Lillard and favors and see if he accepts.
  7. 10 Team, 10 cat DD league AD, Lillard, butler, LMA, dinwiddie, Graham, Mitchell Robinson, ayton, sabonis, gallanari, favors. I am basically dying in ft so I don't mind tanking them. I was thinking dinwiddie plus favors?
  8. This was a terrible trade... You basically gave Kyrie up for nothing at all.
  9. For such a low draft pick and this guy performing as a 2nd rounder, this thread sue is quiet