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  1. I appreciate the 4 blocks and 2 steals but this dude needs to stop chucking it up hoping it goes in, it's playoffs time for us 3/14 shooting and 3/6 freethrows good grief
  2. crossing my fingers it's just precautionary, if he's out for an extended time I'm done
  3. I just hope Pat doesn't ruin it by trading for Ibaka
  4. I love this dude, so much fun owning him in fantasy
  5. Whiteside is out tonight, expecting a big line from JJ to break out of this funk
  6. I like that he shot the ball 12 times tonight despite coming off a tragic 1/6 performance. It'll eventually fall so he just needs to keep shooting. And although he couldn't make shots, still gave us 6 assists, from a big that's huge
  7. I wish he shot the ball more tonight, but I guess I can't complain. It seems he's finally found a coach that will deploy him 27+ min nightly and if that's the case we should all be reaping big ros
  8. I'm surprised you're holding onto Payton in a 10 teamer, he should've been dropped already. And Mills has been awesome, but more for a 12 and 14 team league, I'd imagine there's much more talent out there in your 10 team league