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  1. @Bringthesonicsback that's fair man, i normally prefer cats as well. so i understand
  2. @natdogg40 awesome, I am looking around on reddit etc too so will let you know if we end up finding a league elsewhere
  3. Anyone out there need people for their league? Would like to join and draft tonight as a friend who has been busy just got availability. League size doesn't matter. We prefer snake draft and H2H points or cats, but are flexible.
  4. We are a group of 4 people looking to draft tonight. Would want a small league safe buying to keep people interested. Want to combine our groups? Edit: would prefer H2H most and not H2H each. Would that work?
  5. it filled up pretty quickly guys, sorry I am just seeing these, we switched to GroupMe once it filled up. thanks for the interest!
  6. We are looking for four people to join our fantasy basketball league. The structure is a 8 category, most categories H2H 10 team league. Teams have 10 starters, 4 bench players, and 2 IR spots. The matchup tiebreaker is set to points. The playoff tiebreaker is head to head record. We all love basketball and chat about games throughout the season on GroupMe. This also provides a platform for you to message people to discuss trades, matchups etc. I have found it works well over the past years, and would really appreciate adding *active* owners that believe they would enjoy the discussions. The buy-in is set at $15, LeagueSafe with majority approval. The pay out structure is: 1. Champion: $100 2. Runner-Up: $35 3. Third-Place: $15 Our draft will be set for the weekend of October 18 (it would be after 8 pm EST if Friday). We will vote on times using GroupMe. Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly answer them. Happy to address concerns about the league format as well - this has worked well for us so far, but I always welcome suggestions on how to make the overall experience more enjoyable. I can also send screenshots of the league settings if you would like to see them.
  7. Started a free ESPN league. Format is H2H points, with 2 IR spots. Open to anyone. Aiming to draft tonight. https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/join?leagueId=71721302&inviteId=896a3df4-6095-4b1f-9149-fc6db5eefd92
  8. Appreciate it, unfortunately the links stopped working once all spots were filled. League is full now.