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  1. Seems like a coin flip since they have the exact same amount of yardage and touchdowns so far, but Williams has received a significant amount of more targets this year, particularly with Rosen under center. Also, it's worth noting that the Dolphins have faced the Patriots, Ravens, Cowboys, and Chargers so far. Not a murderers row of defenses, but all strong with the exception of LAC due to so many injuries. This redskins D should be a significant downgrade in competition compared to what they've gone up against so far this year. Not saying he's a lock to put up numbers by any means, but there's hope at least.
  2. Agree with this, if anything the young backs will get eased in to spell Gurley over the course of the season, wait til week 2 or so when he has a monster game and get a nice return.
  3. aaron jones as well I think is the better/safer bet. I think Jacobs has a ton of talent, but Raiders might be one of the worst teams/offensive lines this year so I think that's where Jones takes it.
  4. Not sure of the exact rules but 1 scenario looks good like others said
  5. Not sure which to flex for week 1: David Montgomery vs GB or: Marlon Mack @ LAC I think Montgomery is a riskier play since we don’t know how they’re going to split carries in Chicago especially early on, but he looked real good in limited preseason action. Mack has more of a guaranteed volume, but having Brissett at QB has me worried they’ll be trailing all game if the chargers come out rolling. WHIR!
  6. In a rotoworld blurb about Lattimore being healthy it says that he’s most likely to shadow Brown, but I wouldn’t take that to the bank.
  7. This happened in the last 4 games of the season, it was close to a 50/50 split between Miller and Blue. Now with Foreman coming back, I think the most likely outcome is 50/30/20 workload share between Miller/Foreman/Blue on the running game, and an opposite timeshare of the RB passing game. Miller has looked better than Blue so far, but not enough to warrant being the standalone workhorse. Luckily, Blue averaged 2.3 yards this week with a heavy workload, so Miller is likely back to getting around 15 touches until Foreman comes back. I don't understand Millers' lack of usage in the passing game though, I haven't watched a ton of Texans football this year, but it seems like Watson prefers to run it himself rather than dumping off to the nearby RB. I can't imagine that the coaching staff wants him to continue putting himself in harms way over a RB, but I haven't seen much of an uptick in the RB passing game either.
  8. Yeah unless Foreman somehow is much better than last year and also improves his pass blocking, this is going to become a full blown committee between Miller, Foreman, and Blue.
  9. I'm pretty happy with him so far, he's ran well, and the lack of TD's don't worry me because it's a 2 game sample. If you're going by what we've seen so far he's also projected for 1440 yards from scrimmage this year. The lack of involvement in the passing game is frustrating, but I think he'll have some games with 30+ receiving yards sprinkled in. This guy was going for scraps in drafts and before Thursday's game he was RB4 in rushing totals. He's not a guy who's going to win you a season single handedly, but he's as reliable as they come for RB's, especially at the discount he went for.
  10. Yeah I’m hoping that since it’s concussion related that his status will be reported earlier in the day. Not like a hammy injury where he has to stretch it out on the field before they make the call.
  11. If he plays I think I’ll be starting him over Jamaal Williams. His ypc wasn’t great in week 1, but I expect him getting used in the passing game more tomorrow. Pats had a strong lead throughout the game last week, but I expect the jaguars to keep it closer or potentially be ahead at times which will prompt more Burkhead receptions. Also, it bears repeating that Brady just overthrew him on a TD pass in week 1. If that play connected he would’ve had 80+ yards and a TD, and everyone would be hyping him as a low end RB1. As long as Michel doesn’t explode with his carries (and I don’t expect the pats to suddenly shift duties to a rookie rb with knee and ball security issues), then Burkhead has great value as a member of one of the best offenses in the NFL who is looking at 15-20 touches per game.
  12. One thing that's impossible not to like about last night is the 10 targets. I know that's not going to happen every game, but in an offense with some young and new faces, Cobb could be looking at 2014 type numbers this season. It's also nice to see that the Packers D still isn't great, always great news for the offense.
  13. Obviously his total yardage wasn't anything to write home about, but Burkhead owners have to be happy about his workload. 19 touches on a Pats offense will translate to way more points against a weaker defense. Also, I haven't gone back but I believe Burkhead had a red zone target and was open, but Brady just made a bad pass. I'm willing to bet that he's more involved in the passing game moving forward too, and Hill being out for the year will definitely help him out as far as goal line touches. Now the only thing to be worried about is how Michel looks when he's back from injury. If he doesn't pan out to much more than a chance of pace guy, Burkhead could be looking at a 300 touch season.
  14. It's tough that Williams two starts without Jones around are against the Bears and the Vikings, two of the top run defenses in the league. So it's not likely that his stats will jump off the page next week either. His lack of usage in a play from behind 2nd half is a little concerning though, I was really hoping he'd develop into a dump off option for Rodgers, but 1 reception is not enough. I think Williams will still have a solid week 3 workload as they're not too likely to just hand Jones' a bunch of touches on his first game back. But once you get into week 4 on I could see it as Williams for 10-15 touches, Jones for 5-10, and Montgomery getting the passing work. That's a bit of a nightmare situation as it makes him entirely TD dependent, and would require an injury for anyone to become a confident starter in fantasy. It's only week 1 so all of this is a bit premature, but it's not looking particularly great for any of the Packers' running backs at the moment.
  15. I think people will make offers depending on how week 1 goes. If a guy like chris Carson gets 15 carries and a couple receptions for 80 yards and a td, that’d be an interesting offer for a player who just got banged up and only had 6 carries, and is potentially heading into a 50/50 timeshare.