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  1. Starting to gel with DLo, should go pretty well in the 2nd half of the season when the minutes come
  2. Needs more rebounds to be in the starting role consistently.
  3. Still floating around in my 10 and 12 team comps. Just need to keep a close eye on Rocket games
  4. Stocks have really dried up, was liking them. And FG % been a killer
  5. Could have done with more boards, FT been a worry as my team isn't a punt FT% but the scoring is handy
  6. Killing it in attack, just need the defence stats
  7. He's basically the more refined version of Doumbouya. I might be doing the same pending today game
  8. Anything to see here? Back to back solid games with Collins
  9. He might go back on his streak again. Couple more 3s and this would have a real good line for him