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  1. I'm looking for an free league with spots to fill. If it's a dynasty or keeper one even better
  2. Apparently still a must own according to rotoworld
  3. Rotoworld not so hot on him, called him a low end guy
  4. Too bad he's got such a big gap after his next game
  5. Whose the better pick up in roto? 13 cat with FGM and Offensive Rebounds among the cats. I'm after 3s, rebounds and steals
  6. He killed it in the first half, missed the massive game with the slow second half but can't complain
  7. Worth a hold unless there are hot free agents in your wavier. 25 min tonight and when Love / TT get the rest day then he'll beast
  8. I dropped him before the break, still in my 10 team free agent pool. Is it worth grabbing him now that RJ is gone? My fear is the shut down risk
  9. Nice line! Just need Love to sit more often