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  1. Oh you mean the evolution of the West Coast Offense. West Coast Offense will always be the best offense
  2. No matter how you put it, Darwin is going to get run! Whether patriots are up big or the chiefs winning big, Darwin is going to get some run in garbage time. If it’s a crucial moment in the game, Darwin will be in the game! And he’ll have already made a impact in the game to warrant him to be on the field to back up my reasoning!!You know why Darwin is the X Factor to beating the pats or at less giving them something to worry about! So Nuff said!! Let’s do this thang bwahhh!!
  3. Andy Reid stated that most significant attribute that Darwin has most improved is in Pass Protection!!
  4. Darwin makes a play at the 1:25 mark in the clip is what the offense has been missing since Hunt was exiles. And BTW I believe Darwin has the potential to have a Kareem Hunt-like debut as a lead back if he get his touches
  5. If I’m picking him up, I’m starting him right off the bat as my flex
  6. Not worth rostering imo. Patriots next week and the unsureness of week 15 and 16
  7. 10 touches/catches is all you need in ppr. Arrow pointing up imo
  8. If he get the touches he will produce. I’m predicting heavy usage tomorrow..who’s with me?