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  1. Started Kerryon Johnson/Freeman/K.Murray ....opponent had bye woes and Lindsay Thursday night.  70% favored into Sunday....lose 1 RB to injury ...okay, second ejected  hmm okay i still got this ....Kyle Murray puts up 6 points...screwed.  Dumpster fire year....

  2. Kupp Targets Weeks 1-5  : 10,  9,  12,  15,  17  Total =63 (avg 12.6)

    Woods Targets Weeks 1-5: 13, 2,  8,  15,    9     Total = 47 (avg 9.4)

    Cooks Targets Weeks 1-5:  6,  4,  12,  9,    3      Total = 34 (avg 6.8)


    You take out week 5 since cook injured and he avgs 7.75 targets a game.  When you all drafted Brandin Cooks can you tell me you drafted him to be 12-15 target guy?  No you drafted him to be your boom/bust stretch the field guy, and with 7.75 targets avg per game that's very possible and has worked out for you 2/5 weeks.  1 Week Injured and 2 serviceable weeks...


    Week one a bit disappointing given Goff terrible throws 2 catches from 6 targets but weeks 2 & 3 he outplayed his point projects and gave you what you drafted him to do, in my week 3 he won me my week by 1 point with that Monday night performance of 16 .5 ppr points.  Tampa bay game was one of the weirdest games we've seen with the LAR DST getting torched and yes Goff on the road went to safety blanket players Kupp/Woods and even Everett for short yardage because he was throwing interceptions like crazy.

    So really everyone is panicking because 1) Kupp is a monster who didn't slow down due to injury and 2) Cooks maybe lost you week 5 because injured by concussion.  3) You could of picked Kupp over Cooks.

    My simple argument is he isn't much of a bust unless you reached for him in your draft, if you took him around your adp he is still getting you value.  Let's hope LAR get rolling again as the season goes on and all 3 WR's will continue to do well.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

    Does the HC not care that Kamara is always wide open? Does Teddy get to do whatever Teddy wants? You would think while watching film they have plenty of clips of Kamara standing there alone with plenty of room to run once he gets the ball. 

    I get teddy sometimes misses open Kamara, but why they used Kamara for North South up the gut plays at least 6-7 times instead of giving him some space?  Mind boggling

  4. Just now, youngrice said:

    As long as he showed up in good shape.  Would be surprised if he doesn't suit up.  1-2 team can't afford to go 1-3


    Considering i'd of considered playing Justin Jackson against Miami, who give up ~35+ rushes per game so far, even if Eckler takes 20...still 15 for MG (not saying that's how it should go but look at Pollard for Dallas last week, Miami made him look like a hall of famer).

  5. 6 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

    Well he's irrelevant after this weekend so it stinks. I was hoping this guy would turn into MG and Ekeler would be relegated pass catching/COP guy. 


    I might hold him as a cuff to MG incase he injures himself first 1-2 weeks.  He has looked pretty good if he had the role...

  6. 19 minutes ago, kyoun1e said:


    That's silly.

    Go check pre-season ADP data. He was drafted in the majority of leagues I'm sure.



    So you should draft people due to their ADP?  I was simply pointing out how obvious it was who to drop and stash given the two options.  Of course if the guy has 0 WR's then he can't but come on.


    13 minutes ago, miasma16 said:

    Uh, yeah, he was drafted in the overwhelming majority of standard leagues. I can only imagine you're pretending he wasn't to try to secure some karma for yourself. Why don't you see your way to Reddit?


    Very obviously steering him towards dropping C. David over J. Hill.  Do you disagree?

  7. 5 minutes ago, Zak0221 said:

    Spencer being OUT would be the best news for DWill fantasy owners but man what a troll it would be for everyone to wait til Sunday only to find Ware a surprise active.


    I can't think of anything worse.  Hopefully owners have both!


    I can't see them not confirming it on Saturday - if not i'll have to potentially pivot.