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  1. Yeah we all know Brown is on IR but Davis went out with shoulder injury and nothing new - won't know until close to game time I presume about Gurley
  2. Not much else to say, Kelly could get the load, CJA could get a little load or Davis and Kelly could share a load.....oh I see what you did there.
  3. That it's a murky situation if Gurley sits on who gets the load and if worth playing someone for championship.......
  4. CJ Anderson signed and also still Justin Davis who they like more than Kelly - until coaches say anything not too excited about Kelly. CJA signing does give me hope at least a shot though that Gurley sits one week.
  5. Let's switch gears and all agree he is a first round re-draft next year with how he played!
  6. To be fair @All Knowing send me a PM 1 min before game time and told me to plug in DW - phew.
  7. Damien was the first time a last minute switch party. I'm now 1/19 with last minute tinkering.
  8. Its playoffs so we have to debate our kickers but damn is it a crapshoot. I am keeping him in due to less finishing in redzone in my oppinion and they will need to keep going for it against KC
  9. Tic Toc - playing against Mahomes...playing D Williams for those pass TD's could work or kill me.
  10. Just when I thought i'd made my choice you pull me back in!
  11. Did he have a big lunch though as that would indicate if he'll play?
  12. Veteran maintenance day i'm sure. When Atlanta was pushed out of Playoffs I was a bit worried but now it seems like whole team is there to pad his stats! League leader in yards and TD's coming. Locked and loaded.
  13. Can yahoo still switch the TE designation at any point or is it set? What are their parameters for this? Only switch once a week?
  14. This sounds fun - i could drop both Burton and Everett and have a Lacosse Party....hmm koolaid seems to have a weird taste....
  15. Sony got bent over awkwardly and looked as if season was done against Jets - then miracle man as if his name is Matt Breida returned and finished strong. I'm holding this week to see what happens then dropping if all plays out as expected.
  16. He did show he could in his rookie season...and you do see flashes here and there but mostly doodoo like today.
  17. Just take kittle in the 9th or 10th