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  1. Good thing the plays are only "penciled in" and not with pen..maybe Patricia can change it up soon?
  2. #1 rule of FF - don't freak out after 1 half. Krampus or the Garbage Man could visit you!
  3. Yeah! We know it all forum armchair coaches are much more knowledgeable! Wouldn't be with a backup QB you might want to get points when you can? Not like the other head coach thought the same thing going for it at 4th down for their TD? Bunch of idiot coaches I tell ya...
  4. was the fumble bad? Nice to see they went right back to him - back into the positives!
  5. Yeah that's it, i'm dropping Burton and picking him up for a stud TE 5-15 on the WW. Guaranteed to do better than Burton! Tight Ends this year have been so great!
  6. Way to bring me back to reality. Last year was Falcons/Panthers/Saints where they put up 21 / 19 and 31 pts. So kind of dissapointing especially against Falcons / Saints.
  7. Well as a Burton owner I think a lot of people who own in the non Kelce/Ertz/Gronk/Kittle the 5-12 landscape is a weekly crapshoot. Would you having anyone in the 5-10 TE range rather have Brate ROS? For me maybe if he clears waivers but doubt he will...
  8. Hopefully Winston plays at least one half per game. Might be new TB stratagy - one half each.
  9. Trubisky business got me thinking of getting brate.
  10. or Collins on GL. Then Dixon may come back and they may do rock paper scissors for who plays a snap.
  11. Switched out Lindsay for Alshon J. - sweet! Thanks Eagles
  12. To be fair Giselle makes tripple what Brady makes - she is the bread winner. Aaron doesn't have a sugar momma.
  13. Or his best friend Jordy didn't get paid and has to throw to plugs (I liked Geronimo though)
  14. Guess depends how they start rolling down stretch , offense seems to be clicking and Mack is back...however Weeks 14 and 15 I'd rather stream so if you can pickup a DST to pair with for playoffs I would. I also like picking up DST's to block other teams .