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  1. Making no sense does kind of make
  2. I really wanted GB to win this game to ensure no slow down in hunger for playoff push but hopefully they pull out win next week against Vikings!
  3. I don't think Brieda can be considered league winner category but definitely the best injured playing player award. With Sonny there and most people drafting him still not a league winner imo. List shouldn't be long for league winners in a season. Jones remains to be seen you could say given coach but seems pretty locked in now. McCaffrey i'd say isn't ripping doors off his ADP so wouldn't include.
  4. M. Gordon (i'd mention Gurley but that was expected at #1 - at draft 8-15 Gordon has been lights out) Conner Jones Chubb so far for me.
  5. Can we close thread? RB1 ROS. The end.
  6. I drafted Freeman early this year and i'm not delusional that he has Chubb skillset. Different style runners. Freeman is a better Henry and more tank like for up the middle.
  7. Man if a RB can get a couple TD's and some yards i'd play him in my flex. I think in fantasy if you get a lot of points you can win your week.
  8. game was over before half time - maybe a few minutes into 3rd quarter. Same with other star players - all taken out and others put in.
  9. Anyone confident - given the Detroit offensive woes for picking them up early for playoff stash? 14 - Arizona 15 - BUF 16 - Look elsewhere.
  10. With once again every O-line member taking a turn being helped off the field I can't see AP still being productive between the tackles with no blocking. He isn't going anywhere either but could Chris Thompson screens/dump offs or passes come back into relevance if healthy?
  11. Dez Bryant - Decoy & RZ catch artist appears... Can only help his passing attempts - might hold on to Drew
  12. If Saint Peterman is still QB then you go Jets 100% no question, even with Anderson Jets.
  13. Hahaha - also way too often Julio does a 20-30 yard catch into red zone then takes breather - so might need to hit the gym for better conditioning.
  14. Also feel I can pickup a Smith type WR "semi easily weekly" - now time to stash an extra DST if <3 losses or more RB lotto tickets. To each their own. I was on this hype train and was fun...
  15. I might lose because of this too. Thankfully my opponent still needs Dak Prescott to play lights out today.
  16. Definitely starting him over Bell this week with confidence!
  17. But that's what I mean they were down 31 to 3 and still running the ball with an entire quarter left - so even if down - it's run game?
  18. I like how the entire debate as we just wait for Sunday is people getting angry on classifying someone based on their usage and not saying anything to disagree with his skill and then getting bent out of shape on it. #analysis Obviously he is just a flex play...
  19. considering Oakland is in full #tankmode you can count on his running the ball. When Raiders are down they don't throw to try and win anymore... they run the ball. To be fair Carr was getting lit up when they threw.
  20. Yes hill is so if he would throw to Brees for a TD for a New Orleans Special i'd like him more. I was so enthused when Drew had 2 rushing tds...
  21. Definitely need to keep an eye on the trend of how Saints use Drew Brees moving forward. As for using Fitz over him Sunday that depends on all the normal decisions for your other positions, do you want a higher potential floor with Drew or more Boom with Fitz?