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  1. Oakland vs San Francisco is the battle for the basement. "Winning" is losing the match.
  2. This sounds like a great league. I was going to judge you having Ertz and Gronk but then I see you have Legatron so mad respect regardless of all else.
  3. This is why after this week if there is a top 8 streamer out there i'll go that direction. If the ranking is within 1-2 of Chicago you keep them. Simple.
  4. I don't want to speak for anyone but I think he meant you can't count on that occurring every game. As someone that'll be playing Aaron this week i'm excited about his ability and upside, but EVERYTHING comes down to 1) Coach 2) Coach 3) McCarthy 4) gamescript. No one here is foolish enough to argue his talent - what is "flukey" or can vary so far this season is useage. Arrow is pointing up with montfumbles gone. RB2 / Flex play for me until the wheels fall off.
  5. Yes you are insane. I'm rolling Jones but if it was between those two... easy decision.
  6. Already have the player they made room for... Moore
  7. No but would make bidding for him on WW fun at least.
  8. Come on someone randomly take Tevin Coleman...
  9. Hard to know for sure but probably hurts Aghalor/Matthews more than Alshon.
  10. Guess that means Shady is staying put.
  11. I think I need a bit more in next game to continue to hold - should require more pass yards against high flying Rams scoring.
  12. The point I was making which I agree on your point with - is the gameplan from coach along with the gamescript of the defense scoring the points added to this low fantasy output. With Eli Apple being added and the defense now coming back to how they were last year, I agree the ground and pound will take over and no more Game 1 shoot outs required of Drew. I'm giving next week 1 more chance against LA Rams to see if the output can be forced there then shall see I still think this was gameplan based on the defensive schemes Vikings kept showing - they didn't need to open it up. Bad for fantasy I agree but not as bad as people are mentioning as a player.
  13. In what scenario is Drew to blame in how this game unfolded - obviously none of you watched (I also started him and it sucks). He didn't forget how to throw the deep ball and go full Winston, the gameplan and furthermore the gamescript with the Kirk interceptions is what did it. If you want to blame anyone you can blame Cousins and their offense for not making this a shootout.
  14. While I agree you might have safer floors with Sutton or Kirk I think that was always going to be the case to some degree. If you were going to take a stab at Smith though this game was never one to base decisions on and more excited still for ROS. Drew brees threw for <150 yards and 1 TD/1 Int. The game script with the defensive touchdowns made this a terrible game for all pass catchers even for Thomas. If Meredith had been targeted and scored 2 TD's i'd be more inclined to react on Smith.
  15. Eckler would be most recent example but most of it was gameflow. If your qb throws TD on first play - not going to see work that series. Not too worried with Keenum in this regard... he will be dumping off and using the run.
  16. Lindsay still a must start typically with Freeman there too but this makes it more interesting to watch.
  17. They barely ran the ball in last year's playoff game - makes me want to do a Tre'Quan stack vs Kamara owner.
  18. I need to know Saturday night or earlier that he's cleared / no risks for Monday or he gets benched.
  19. This is why any RB from Tampa Bay would be a flex / bye filler or the odd matchup game (but they play a lot of good run defenses down the stretch)
  20. Especially until we see what happens after the bye first game...
  21. Anyone picking back up if on WW for 1 week potentially 2 rental with Cook now out over other stashes?
  22. The bottom line is the RBBC is here to stay on A LOT of teams - you only have very few true workhorse backs. In the age of RBBC i'd rather have the dual threat back. As we see in a lot of cases the powerback 1st down player is TD dependant - which has worked if you've played Royce this far but can also burn you.
  23. I think if you only going to hold 1 week then you may be dissapointed with the away game against baltimore. I think you need to invest 2-3 weeks with this pickup if at all.