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  1. When the new iphone comes out there inevitably is a youtube video of someone shooting it with a 50 cal or breaking it infront of someone to cause an uproar. Where is the person in this forum dropping someone like OBJ for him and posting the video?
  2. Yup coaching hampers his useage but with o-line injury last week perhaps they do more screens and RB run plays. So this means everyone needs to pick up Booker! </sarcasm>
  3. All you need to do is google enough articles until you find one that matches your decision. Running Backs Start Phillip Lindsay (vs. ARI): MR: 18, ECR: 22 Latavius Murray was the latest to gash the Cardinals on the ground, collecting 155 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries. The Cards give up the most fantasy points to opposing RBs and Denver desperately needs to make a statement on offense since Case Keenum and company were just booed at home. Lindsay’s 459 total yards best Royce Freeman’s 293 by a considerable margin and the Cardinals also bleed points through the air to RBs — the 49ers RB corps tallied 110 receiving yards in Week 5. His ceiling remains capped by the three-horse stable, but I still love his range of outcomes here.
  4. I'd still take Jones over Ito Smith but that is just me ..and definitely over Payton Barber (as a Stash, not next week play). As i mentioned completely up to your situation and league, wasn't looking for your roster.
  5. I would not drop Aaron Jones but this is purely based on my league which is standard 10. But as with anything it depends on your standing in the league, and what you need now. If you are 6-0 or 5-1, 4-2 and fine at RB - you aren't taking barber who you'd never play, you'd take an Aaron Jones who could still become a league winner (looking less likely but you get the point).
  6. The line where an RB #X vs WR #X starts trending towards WR has fluctuated and it very well could go towards RB's again next year if we have an amazing draft of rookies and influx of potential bell cows. If there were 4-5 more RB1 calibur players that line can change. Look how having some promising rookie QB's and Mahomes has changed the QB drafting landscape (pushed more and more to late round / streaming) Below is over the last 5 years which supports the value that drafting a true RB1 importance in the early rounds - but as any analyst will tell you it all depends on your draft situation when you get to your pick. I think the best thing you bring up frog is that people need to remember to focus more on the line of when in their league setup an RB is less important than an WR if you have same ranking. POSITIONAL ADP (Approx. Round) RB1-RB9 (Rounds 1-2) RB10-RB20 (Rounds 3-4) RB21-RB35 (Rounds 5-8) RB36-RB50 (Rounds 9-11) FANTASY FINISH RB1-RB9 44.4% 25.5% 6.7% 6.7% RB10-RB20 24.4% 21.8% 12.0% 16.0% RB21-RB35 11.1% 20.0% 26.7% 17.3% RB36-RB50 6.7% 9.1% 22.7% 16.0% RB50+ 13.3% 23.6% 32.0% 44.0%
  7. So.. #1 ) Usage the same as when Freeman out before realistically to expect (solid TD dependent flex) #2 ) Worth #1 WW priority if Coleman owner #3 ) Everything else depending on your league/league size/bench slots/situation (W-L) #4 ) Consider #3 and use brain.
  8. Did Freeman just break the forums too for a minute?
  9. On the flipside of this analysis let's say you were late round snake draft pick and went WR/WR. Let's say you got AB & Michael Thomas. Would you not be wanting desperately to switch AB for someone like Gordon? Short analysis - go RB first 8 rounds and fill in all these streamable WR's each week.
  10. Aaron Jones can't catch a break(or ball) - first the start was perfect almost with the TD and then GB is losing to 49ers most of the game. Week 14 he plays Atlanta if I don't get a playoff bye so I still have a few weeks for things to iron out. Not worried. Yes not startable at the moment but still a great stash (know your league) .
  11. Chris Hogan is dropable in some leagues but Connor's value could be at an end shortly with Bell's return so a lower offer than what he produces now isn't outlandish
  12. Do we actually care about projected pts?
  13. He was playing alongside Hogan/Patterson/Dorsette to start the first 4..... R E L A X and sell him to me - now we see offense starting last night and he'll get some 1-1 matchups.
  14. If you have an IR slot that's my one reason to stash...and that is if Foreman isn't available (grab him meow).
  15. Is McCoy at the point where you'd drop for TE 1 week streamers? Other stashes have more upside it seems and only a name at this point...or a trade..
  16. You answered the question right there. If they were worried Mixon wouldn't start, especially with their record. If Mixon is playing, I play him confidently, that is it. The end.
  17. Based on ESP? A premonition? Tarot Cards?
  18. Bench full of RB stashes since I got 2 WR 1's and went WR/WR to start. I am finding it hard even with Burton's bigger game to drop a potential stash like Ekler/McCoy for TE. It's a wasteland and Burton is better but.... So drop Burton for someone like Hooper/Hurst/Bengal TE and try get him back after Bye or dress a 0 for a week at 3-1?
  19. anyone keeping bernard if they picked him up for 1-2 weeks in case?
  20. My problem is why is everyone focused on the skill of Ronald - does anyone not remember Jacquizz lighting it up ( I think he got me double digits multiple weeks as a fill in standard). What is the common theme for all 3 backs this year - no o-line blocking. I don't care who it is they are a pass offense until this is fixed.