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  1. If you have an IR slot that's my one reason to stash...and that is if Foreman isn't available (grab him meow).
  2. Is McCoy at the point where you'd drop for TE 1 week streamers? Other stashes have more upside it seems and only a name at this point...or a trade..
  3. You answered the question right there. If they were worried Mixon wouldn't start, especially with their record. If Mixon is playing, I play him confidently, that is it. The end.
  4. Based on ESP? A premonition? Tarot Cards?
  5. anyone keeping bernard if they picked him up for 1-2 weeks in case?
  6. My problem is why is everyone focused on the skill of Ronald - does anyone not remember Jacquizz lighting it up ( I think he got me double digits multiple weeks as a fill in standard). What is the common theme for all 3 backs this year - no o-line blocking. I don't care who it is they are a pass offense until this is fixed.
  7. So everyone is obviously dropping Julio right?
  8. Are you saying starting Trey Burton is Trubisky Business?
  9. I think this all call be summed up in a few easy statements that no one can argue 1) Jones is the best pure runner -explosive, yards after contact, all that. 2) Williams provides superior pass blocking 3) Ty Mont provides best pass catching ability 4) Which one is most fantasy relevant depends on what the coach wants. So Aaron comes FANTASY relevant when the following happens 1) Injury to Williams 2) AR gets healthy and potentially more gamescripts where you need to run out the clock 3) Coach decides Aaron gives them best chance to win regardless of 1&2. This week we will see what happens in Buffalo. Do they bring Aaron out when its garbage time (if the game goes that way) or even better he gets more snaps prior to the game being over. Sincerely, Captain Obvious
  10. Definitely not out of realm you can always pick up again after bye if you have remorse in week 5.
  11. I understand not playing after last week but given Cook's already delicate nature - at least flip to Cook owner for something unless in 8man league.
  12. You know Jordan Reed has a Bye this week right? Reality is TE landscape is terrible after Gronk/Kelce/Ertz and even Gronk has had a bad week too. People need to R E L A X . Shouldn't feel bad on one side to drop Trey if someone is available in a juicy matchup but also not over react to a 1 week Will Disley reach.
  13. Smash10033 will not be working for me much longer.
  14. Prater was available in a dome game and offense now throwing and completing. Vegas still sees this has high scoring game so probably not a big improvement but just worried about Cousins/Viking offense as a whole on the short week.
  15. I agree he is good ROS - but i still dropped him this week as #1 - vs LAR #2 short week out to LA #3 probably pick him back up after this week ( know your league of course but if a top 10 is available over him this week...)
  16. See below from Roto staff even calling him a WR3/Flex play next week. He is extremely talented, has opportunity over Sanu (although he isn't going anywhere), and should be rostered in all formats. HOWEVER he will have WR4/5 performances and is generally more volatile. People are going to blow their FAB load on Ridley this week and in some formats it may not be worth it. If Ridley is realistically not owned then you aren't playing in a 12+ deep league most likely in an 8-12 or a league where someone dropped him after week 1. In that scenario, in that league size you have other options potentially. Boyd/Williams/Allison/Brown etc. Brown isn't talked about much and look at his steady 3 week straight production. TLDR - Ridley is a flex play or WR2/3 play depending on your league makeup with big boom potential as seen and bust weeks as well (don't think teams won't be looking at him more next weeks in their defensive schemes). Calvin Ridley corralled seven-of-eight targets for 146 yards and three touchdowns while gaining nine yards on his lone carry Sunday in the Falcons’ Week 3 loss to the Saints. This won’t happen every week, but on Sunday, Ridley was the better of Atlanta’s two Alabama receivers. Ridley went absolutely hog-wild in the first half, cruising to 129 yards and two touchdowns including a 75-yard jailbreak in the second quarter. The rookie embarrassed P.J. Williams to such an extent that he was actually benched for Ken Crawley for a portion of the second half. In addition to his three touchdowns (the same number teammate Julio Jones had all of last season), Ridley also drew a pass interference flag that moved the Falcons up 45 yards in the third quarter. After seeing just two looks from Matt Ryan in the opener, the 23-year-old has been the recipient of 13 targets over his last two outings. He’ll be an acceptable WR3/flex option against the Bengals next week and needs to be picked up in all formats.
  17. Think also WR4/5 days inbetween but that is just the reality. With more and more people going down in Atlanta DST he is worth a flex play once and a while.
  18. If you are going to rage drop on any slot - might as well do it on a kicker. That or Amari Pooper.
  19. Atlanta has lost a lot of their running defense core so i'd say it'll be a mix as should be successful on the ground. I wouldn't think 15 targets but 4-8 isn't out of question.
  20. Anything wrong with the McDonald/Brown stack?
  21. The real question comes week 5 as he has an early bye. Then you really know the answer on how you feel. Do you sacrifice a stash to hold 2 TE's one week or cut him loose. Each league is different and you know the other players, but i'd say next week if he gets a TD given the wasteland at TE I might be forced to keep.
  22. Slotted in Murray into my RB2 slot right next to my opponents Dalvin Cook.
  23. If you start the season fresh once Ingram is back then it'll be interesting to match. Way Thomas is playing i'm not saying I wouldn't of picked him ahead knowing what we know now, BUT New Orleans right now has the lowest rushing through two weeks in the league, they are throwing a ton. Yes something to do with being behind too. Once Ingram is back Julio will be neck and neck (more yards but less TDs as expected).
  24. If he rubs beards again in warmup I'm putting him in for Tom Brady....that's the signal.