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  1. I mentioned that he got red zone carries - which that was one of - only mean if it somehow ended up at the 1 yard line (let's say passer interference or like that happened with Lindsay - i'd guess RF will vulture)
  2. He also said he'll play the Hot Hand so depth chart doesn't really mean anything other than optics. Lindsay is 3rd leading rusher, lol, after two weeks so i'm sure he will be heavily involved. Also Lindsay got redzone carries which is bad for Freeman. If the scenario gets set up at the 1 yard line however I think it's obviously going to be Freeman as we saw against Oakland (1 score and 1 time stuffed). So Freeman remains a goal line, TD dependent back with 1st downs sprinkled in as well.
  3. Running all the routes like a Kelce or Ertz but T-nothrow-bisky is hampering his floor, ceiling always there. So I'll see how Mitch does two more weeks. Also curious how his production looks when Chicago is down at halftime and not trying to just hold on for two quarters.
  4. No - simply being a superstar - he did this last year too.
  5. Chris Ivory after LeSean rips off 25yrd run the OC does that...
  6. Don't think they desperately need anything. Could happen however - they took Floyd after all the drama
  7. hahah Browns may Trade Gordon.... no s*** sherlock reporters.
  8. Trey Boo Boo will be lights out Monday night. Chicago never falters in primetime games! Jokes aside if you drafted Trey as your single TE, I don't see how you cannot play him unless your league still had Kittle somehow on the waivers. Who would you stream ahead? Exactly...Play Trey.
  9. Same thing every year and people still draft Henry so high. #insanity
  10. If weather is bad once, you get a warning, second time you move the team to LA or Vegas.
  11. He passed my eye-test when he played, however whenever I saw the dwarf Sproles i swore. But got to respect the man for what he produces still. Like you said, not a pass block liability yesterday and no stupid edge rushes for lost yardage, all straight ahead churning past contact yardage. Usually hovers around 37-38% snaps, i'd be happy with 50% for this offense, especially with Wentz back and more red zones.
  12. I did two things with my post - one pointed out my disdain for owning Murray last year. Okay now it's three things, two predicted my timeshare %'s and three joked at it making sense given both their builds. Most pundits figure closer to 55/45 60/40 but who knows with this new OC things could look up, but i'm out on both of these guys and worried how Mariota will play this year.
  13. Except now Murray is replaced with a good RB who isn't broken down. 65-70% Dion / 30-35% Henry timeshare. I mean just look at the body build, Henry can't handle a workload.
  14. Exactly - look what Howard did last week.
  15. yup got to fire him up given this matchup.
  16. Now that Gillislee is inactive and white gets bare bone snaps I totally agree with you. If they activiate Gillislee for some odd reason that would be my only concern.
  17. Thats why I lean towards collins as long as he stops practicing with sunglasses. 3 straight great games and seemingly good floor.
  18. you guys feel more confident in Morris then say someone like Collins? They are pretty neck and neck high RB2s..
  19. Engram pops up as Q too same time... EDIT - now it got removed on yahoo
  20. Lol me too - at least he had a better showing last week and maybe get's Eli back (good or bad)
  21. I could risk waiting until after NYG game and see how it goes then make decision... but risk losing out on JuJu
  22. No one traded for Engram when hot so i'm running two TE's. Gronk and Engram and now its playoff time. Geno smith is in the picture and two potential good pickups are available. Juju owner had dropped for Bryant and now sitting on wire to pickup. WHIR Do both swaps or only 1? Thoughts? Standard 10m
  23. He's a 3rd rounder next year for sure in re-draft leagues...ultimate stud..
  24. Someone dropped Juju for Bryant this week and I have as one of my WR stash's Shepard. I most likely won't be starting Shepard this week regardless but the volume could be there even with Geno Smith. Juju is in a better offense and probably has a better floor. Who would you rather stash for W14-16? WHIR.