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  1. I'd do that if its Kyrie and RJax. Not if it's Kyrie and Conley.
  2. Is it possible that Trae is this year's Mitchell?
  3. Out again. Next game is on Thursday, I think it's likely he'll play then.
  4. No way he returns the value of his ADP this season.
  5. I don't think people will buy on this guy tbh
  6. I mean he played 33 minutes, so unless garbage time started 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter, no.
  7. whoever got the most hoes
  8. PG side easily in point leagues. Kyrie's just not that good in point formats.
  9. Jeremy Lamb Rodney Hood Carmelo Anthony Josh Jackson 10-Team H2H Points League.
  10. Yeah you could do that, Rudy and Rozier are much better than Fox and Baze imo.
  11. Jordan probably gets as many fantasy points as Kyrie alone, so yeah DJ side wins.
  12. I'd drop either Fox or Bazemore for Gay, he's the starting SF of an injury-ridden Spurs team.
  13. I got him at 6th too. If he doesn't miss too many games we just got the #1 player.
  14. Looking good. KAT, Embiid, and Wall should get you your double doubles. FG% and TO seem pretty weak, however. Solid team overall though.