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  1. Thin options Round 1 Carr vs Indy Dalton at Cincy Ryan at LAC Trubrisky vs Houston
  2. Mahomes. Thx for the help. You can't run on TB so maybe 4 TDs this week for Mahomes
  3. Kupp vs SF or Mike Williams at Buffalo? Last meeting Kupp 3/11/0. Scoring .5PPR
  4. Wait and see on Cincy. That backup could be terrible Playoff Schedules Ryan - Chargers, TB, KC Goff - NE, NYJ, Seattle
  5. Playoff Schedules Ryan - Chargers, TB, KC Goff - NE, NYJ, Seattle
  6. Alright. I'll drop Carr after this week.i need a win this week Carr at Atlanta and Jacobs is dinged up
  7. Required to carry 2QBs in this league. I have Tua & Carr. Would you drop Tua for Matt Ryan . Tua vs KC in the 1st round Ryan at Chargers in the 1st Round Carr at Indy clock grinding offense
  8. Allen Robinson at GB or Ahmad at NYJ?
  9. Mike Williams at Buffalo, Kupp vs SF, Lamb vs Washington? Asking because SF shut Kupp down in the previous meeting.. Thanks
  10. Green Bay Defense at Chicago or NYG defense at Cincy?
  11. Williams had 2 more points than Fuller. I started Fuller
  12. Herbert this week. I would play the match ups
  13. Mike williams vs NYJ or Will Fuller vs NE? Asking because of the match up.
  14. Mike Williams vs NYJ or Zeke at Minnesota?