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  1. What’s wrong with giving money away?
  2. He breaks tackles because he’s not good enough to avoid contact. If he wasn’t able to break tackles at a high rate he wouldn’t even be an NFL player.
  3. He’s a stud. Brown is not just a deep threat, he is a complete 3-level WR with a full route tree. He is proving himself as a red zone threat, too. He hasn’t been fully healthy this year, and wasn’t expected to be after his foot surgery. With a full offseason to heal up, he should be able to actually practice and play a full complement of snaps next year.
  4. If Boone was a good receiver he never would have had to convert.
  5. The most important thing is to maintain a forward looking mindset when drafting. Preseason rankings are heavily weighted towards the prior season’s final results, so if you don’t deviate you will always be a year behind the curve. Weighting the past too heavily is how you pick DJ and Bell in the first and pass on Cook and Fournette in the second since they were on your DND list when it was pretty obvious Cook and Fournette were better players at this stage of their careers.
  6. My opponent subbed out Higbee for OJ last minute this morning lol.
  7. Jameis overthrew him on a wide open 30 yard TD. He caught a sideline ball for 30 or so yards that was overturned because his second foot was touching OB. One of Jameis’ picks was because he threw a late duck to Perriman over the middle for what would have been 25 yards or so. Jameis had a screen pass to Perriman almost picked off by the D end. You’d know this if you watched.
  8. Wrong again. Things broke against Perriman’s way. His stat line was about as bad as it could have been. If things broke his way this game he would have had about 200 and a TD.
  9. 4 on the roster, 3 in my starting lineup. Would be more, but the walls are coming down and my team is hanging on by a thread. I’ve lost Cook and Ridley now, but have managed to win by starting the perfectly optimal 3 WR lineup out of Lockett, A. Miller, Mclaurin, Perriman, Watkins, and Mike Williams for two weeks in a row. I’ll be starting 3 late season waiver adds this week (Perriman, Miller, Boone) and am hoping to ride the wave one more time.
  10. Starting him, but I don’t like it. I could pretty easily see Jameis laying a dud in what is supposed to be a shootout while target locking on the TEs and dumping off to the RBs. Feels dirty but I don’t feel particularly great about McLaurin, Mike Williams, or Watkins, and Perriman has clear upside. This is a very tough call.
  11. This dude gonna play? Might need him if the Vikes situation doesn't sort itself out in time. Is Kerryon gonna play? Limited info on google.
  12. Three DNPs last week means he will likely sit again unless he gets a full practice in.