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  1. Not really. He’s a second round RB with elite physical attributes and nifty footwork. He’s just good.
  2. 20-30 puts him in the Darius Slayton, Keelan Cole, Crowder, Brandin Cooks, Cole Beasley range. Jefferson is the current WR6 and has put up 467 yards and 3 TDs in the 4 games he has played full snaps. Those players have never had a 4 game stretch like this in their careers.
  3. Top 10, possibly better. He's a WR1 and one of the best in the league, it's not too difficult to see. Vikings D is bad too so they will have to throw, this is 2014 Odell again.
  4. I think a full Akers takeover could happen any week. He was the starting RB weeks 1 and 2, the coaches want him to be the guy. McVay said he will be more involved this week, if he gets in a rhythm I do not think they will go away from him. Hendo will pick up the scraps.
  5. Yes, I think so for sure. He's already establishing a receiving floor playing approximately 1/3 of the snaps, give him 2/3 of the snaps and 12-15 carries and I think he'll be right there in the top 10. If he becomes a legit 70-80% 3 down back, like what they tried to do with Kerryon, he has top 5 upside. He was the best RB in the 2020 class for me.
  6. Don’t stress man, you’ll be able to drop him soon.
  7. Yea, not sure why people say he looked bad, he looked pretty good to me. He made defenders miss on almost every play, showed a variety of spins, jukes, and cuts, and had no critical mistakes. He looked to me like he can make some things happen once he finds daylight, which will come with more chances. He also is a pass catcher, and will get more opportunities to do so. He pretty much just gained 3 yards on every carry, which is why people think he was bad, but I think once he gets up to speed people will be surprised. He’s not David Montgomery based on what I saw.
  8. Oh, so you’re one of those people that wrote him off before he played a single snap. Makes sense. I bet you still think Lamar, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray suck, too. Read response #2 to this thread. That is you.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/_SteveFrederick/status/1307771391203303425 https://mobile.twitter.com/RossUglem/status/1308079380728557570 https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/GreenBayPackers/comments/iw3ryh/aj_dillon_vs_vikings_first_2_runs_of_career/ This is not your typical RB.
  10. You’re out of your mind if you think Dillon is a plodder. Go look at his 7 carries, 5 of them are highlight real worthy. He is a complete freak of nature athletically, nimble as hell for his size, and has good hands. He’s going to be a stud.
  11. AJ Green is washed. Higgins may be good, or he may be not good. AJ Green is still washed up, however.
  12. Dillon is a stud and will demonstrate his value next season when Aaron Jones walks in free agency. Outside of the top few draft picks, the rookie draft is not where you find immediate help to fill needs. The Packers had a great draft and it will show in a few years when the team doesn’t suck post Rodgers.
  13. Aiyuk is better than Deebo, so not really.