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  1. If he played on his tender he would be an unrestricted FA going into next season. They obviously view him as the QB once Brees leaves, which is probably after this year, so they probably thought it would be good to have him under contract for next season so that they have control of their future QB. The deal is pretty damn cheap for a QB in waiting, so not sure why you are making a big stink about the figures.
  2. Obviously because they didn’t have to. NFL teams aren’t in the business of giving money away.
  3. Agreed. The people still chasing these guys are stuck in 2016. Gotta move on when it comes to RBs in fantasy.
  4. RBBC and the overall increase in passing killed zero-RB. Zero RB used to have a chance at working because backup RBs would get thrust into workhorse roles when the starter got hurt. Now, starters get replaced by a committee. Also, with the increase in RBBCs, workhorse became so much more valuable that if you miss out on one you have virtually no chance. This, coupled with the increase in the overall depth of the WR position, made the strategy die. Nowadays the play is to avoid WRs, secure RBs, a top TE, top QB, and load up and rotate WR2/3 types that can be found all the way in the last rounds of the draft.
  5. I expect Swift to have a role week 1, likely, at the very least, the more valuable receiving role, so can’t agree with Kerryon there and no Swift. I put Swift over Kerryon in my starting lineup week 1 as things stand now.
  6. Godwin was in one of the most statistically prolific passing offenses of all time. Brown has Ryan Tannehill and is in a run-first ball control offense. I don’t really care how good Brown is, using a pick that high on WR in that type of offense is not a winning formula when, at that ADP, you can have a comparable talent on a team actually looking to air it out.
  7. AJ Brown is probably the most overvalued player of any.
  8. McNabb would easily be capable of a 4000 yard season if he was in the league today. Hollywood Brown is an elite talent that can win at all levels of the field. I expect him to be heavily targeted and have a great season.
  9. I'm not the one who sees Hill in practice everyday...
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2884279-sean-payton-talks-taysom-hill-says-saints-see-him-as-future-starting-qb.amp.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp-saints/nfl/saints/news/saints-taysom-hill-franchise-drew-brees-glazer I understand it’s fun to get your laughs in and stuff, but at some point it would probably be good to come to grips with reality.
  11. Love it or hate it, that’s just the way it is. You or I can disagree all we want, but all indications are he is the guy.
  12. Gotta pay up if you want to keep your future franchise QB on the roster. Just the way the league works.
  13. I think Patterson looks like a total stiff in comparison. Patterson is big and fast, but Shenault is so much more fluid in his movements. Patterson is so top heavy, whereas Shenault appears to be able to actually move like a WR.
  14. Not buying any WR in an offense that projects to be as low volume/poor as the Titans, regardless of the talent. At his price there will be talented players in good offenses, so it just won’t be worth the risk/headache..
  15. He’ll probably be another guy people look stupid for mocking as soon as the games start. Seems to be a new trend these days.