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  1. Should have taken the money. I'm curious to see how another qb performs in this elite offense Dalton is no scrub.
  2. it always amazes me how easily people forget that he's the best qb in the league. sadly GB for some reason is not interested in superbowls
  3. You may value your bench sports more than I do but I might as well keep him because if I drop him now and he get the gig in week 8-10 I will feel like an idiot. Worst case scenario he does nothing and I lose a roster spot. Best case I have a rb as talented as he is in the best run offense in the league.
  4. have you guys seen that fumble? it was a 4th down and he didnt exactly have a lot of options there he had to extend his arms
  5. I'm really, really concerned about the situation. He doesnt get targets, Carolina is winning and if I were them I'd be in no rush to get Newton back. At this point I don't know if he's worth a flex spot. Right now it's a low floor-low ceiling.
  6. No point in discussing why arians is sticking with barber, it is what it is and its not like rojo got 2 carries, he got one more than barber. The important thing here is that rojo has looked good so far, he's taking advantage of his carries and he's worth a bench spot for sure. I cant start him yet but if he performs next week as well then we might have something really good there. I really believe in this kid, I think the talent is there and it looks like hes getting it together.
  7. fwiw he wasnt in after the fumble, it was samuels i think. I think they like him too much to bench him (because of his story, which for Tomlin might be more of a factor than actual football skills), but if it happens again they'll have to go to someone else
  8. I dont own him but I'm a Steelers fan and watch every game. He's average at best, that's the third fumble that cost a game. The Steelers look like crap and it's not getting any better (and the clowns traded away a top 5 pick). There might be games when he has a decent output but he's a RB3 at best. It's a combination of bad coaching, bad QB, regressed OL, bad WR's and bad defense, so they'll have to play from behind. Good luck.
  9. This guy is one of the few 3 down backs (literally a 3 down back), many people got him the 3rd round and there are some in this thead that are calling him a bust. I wish I was in the same league so I could get him for peanuts. We're talking about a 10pt floor and this game couldnt be worse for him. Usage is everything, I dont care if your name is Zac Stacy, if you're there for 3 downs I'm starting you. I just hope he stays healthy.
  10. Really sorry to see Foles hurt but at least we got to see this dude. I actually think he can play, vs Houston his final drive was very impressive, dumb Marrone went against the flow and gave the ball to Fournette for the 2pt conversion (and I'm a Fournette owner). He played decently against KC as well, didn't expect him too
  11. Oh man after the nightmare of owning Howard last season, here I am in the 4th round buying into the hype, Chicago trading up to get him, and I took Montgomery...I deserve the suffering The facts are that the Bears are a team that won 12 games, won the division and lost a wild card game to that unfortunate kick. So as much as we hated Nagy in this forum last season saying he's bad, he doesnt use Howard from the 1yd etc. , the fact is he did well IRL with that playcalling of his, nobody cares about Howard usage besides fantasy. Is Trubisky a good QB? No he's Blake Bortles basically, but like Bortles who made the AFC championship 2 years ago, Trubisky can make the NFC championship because him and Nagy they have the best defense in the league. So as long as the defense carries these bums to division titles, Nagy will not change a thing. Yeah he lost against GB but next game they're playing Denver, defense probably will hold them to under 7 points, so Nagy will be free to satisfy his ego as a 'creative mastermind'. Shame on me for believing that having a defense like that will make Nagy turn to a power football style of play. What's worse than Trubisky passing 50 times is that now we have Mike Davis of all people vulturing carries. To be honest I don't even know if Montgomery is that special talent people were talking about and with 6 touches we will never know. I know it's only one game but this is a deja vu for me and honestly I don't see Chicago changing the way they play as long as they're winning and Montgomery performing according to his adp. I hope that I'm wrong.