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  1. Their GM said it himself. He had one good preseason game, and in the regular season you have to play against vets. Plus, I saw part of the game and MKG and Marvin Williams were playing pretty decently. I just dropped for Fox and ain't looking back.
  2. It's not that he doesn't produce. It's how much he produces. His per game ranking the last 4 years: 59 20 22 27 He makes much more sense taken after pick 20 than before. And I don't trust his knees (which degenerate with more age), so I wouldn't touch him until round 3.
  3. The one thing I didn't hear yet is the impact of Rondo leaving. Rondo gets everyone a ton of easier looks. I expect Holiday's FG% to regress back to the 46/47% range. Randle helps a little, but if Holiday goes back to the 45% or 43% from the previous years, a lot of owners are going to be unhappy.
  4. I think he can have an ok bench role, but don't know if that'll be enough to add him. He has too many veterans ahead of him and needs another injury to get his opportunity. Remember, this is still preseason where they give every rookie and bench fodder tons of run.
  5. I really like their revamped offense. Deandre is a great pick and role player, which is going to open up lots of opportunities. Doncic helps in that both ways two, as he can run PNR with either Deandre or DSJ. I think all three are going to at least solid fantasy years.
  6. The problem with breakout candidates is that if you draft them near their ceiling, you're not getting any value, because best case scenario, you get what you paid for, and worst case scenario, you missed a lot of better mid-round picks. If he's potentially top 50-65, you don't win by drafting him in the first 5 rounds. Has to be 6+ for me.
  7. Dwight's a bigger factor then most think. He clogs up an offense. Kemba Walker gets a new revamped post-Dwight offense and looked great last night. I'm scared for Wall with Dwight on the team.
  8. Dwight's impact shouldn't be underestimated either. He thinks he's prime Shaq, saying "dump the ball into me and watch me be amazing." Except they dump the ball into him and everyone else stops moving and they turn the ball over. + for Kemba - for Wall
  9. Um, he didn't have Kyrie last year... When he had Kyrie two years ago, Lebron finished ranked 13th. When he didn't have Kyrie last year, and only had Love + trash, he finished ranked 6th. So it's reasonable to rank Lebron between 6th and 13th, not taking into account age. And the Lakers supporting cast is better than Love +trash. Plus they have way more legit ball handlers than the Cavs did last year, specifically because Lebron wants to handle the ball less. So yes, Lebron's usage will go down.
  10. Yeah, H2H has its benefits, as I really like the strategy around focusing on certain categories and punting others.
  11. His stats are definitely going to suffer from last year. He had a strong campaign last year because the team had no one else and he wanted to prove he could will the team to success. He finished 6th last year, but 13th, 9th, and 12th the three seasons before. I'd draft at the end of the 1st at BEST. I think that's his ceiling. Mainly because part of the deal with coming to the Lakers was that Lebron would handle the ball less. Magic Johnson's proposal was, we've got guys who can handle (Ball, Ingram), and we'll get more guys who can create their own shot or distribute for others (Stephenson, Rondo). This was all so Lebron is running the offense less, thereby saving his energy/body. Also, if you haven't seen Lonzo Ball play, he pushes the ball up the court to whoever's out front. That could be Ingram, Kuzma, Rondo, whoever is willing to sprint. I don't see Lebron rushing up the court like that. His usage is going to be down a bunch, so his FG attempts, PTS and AST will be down. STL/Blk will probably be steady, as they'll use a team defense and team rebounding approach, but REB will be down, as their smalls are good rebounders (Ball, Hart, Rondo, Lance, Ingram). FG% will be up because he won't have to take as many bad shots. Probably decent 3PT because of Luke Walton's system. And less TO, as they won't revert to an offense of Lebron at the top of the key and everyone clear out (except at the end of close games).
  12. This is why I think H2H makes no sense in basketball. It's fine in football when everyone plays one game a week. You only need a backup for bye weeks. In basketball, a FA that plays 4 games can be streamed in and be more valuable than an early round stud that only plays 2. So my answer is, play roto.