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  1. BTW, he's facing the rams, same team that passed on him #1 overall... Love motivational games... big bounce back fellas
  2. lol, I'm starting with everyone freaking out. Usually always works out this way
  3. CCongrats to all of us who scooped him this week. Have a feeling he'll be a top flier next week.
  4. Hard to imagine this guy will be able to go/carry a full workload.. hardly moving his right arm with no contact
  5. wow this guy is cash, guess everyone dropped him after week 1 on here
  6. lmao, people dropping a kicker in a high octane offense? that makes sense.
  7. he had 1 catch week 1 last year, people love to over react here
  8. Guys, one week here... did everyone drop brady and wilson after week 1 last year ?
  9. I'm going to fade everyone here and start him next week. When everyone goes one direction, you have to go the other!
  10. I know, call me bias I just have never liked him.. I also don't want to deal when he inevitably gets hurt whether due to age or PED use, just think he has the nice sounding name... I'm waiting for that next hoskins
  11. feel like that's a good sign he's right back there... feel like guys with concussions who don't play always miss the first practice (Ertz last week, mixon,)
  12. benching him this week... anyone who has owned aj knows this is not him, seems like a different dude this year. now out of the playoffs, i doubt he gives a crap.. add in rhodes? no thanks.
  13. just my personal take... he's tweeted immediately about being able to come back ( even tho player's responses need to be taken with a grain of salt). he attended his autograph singing saturday... not sure how concussions are dealt with but im pretty sure if it was a serious one he would have cancelled... Also, for anyone that saw the hit, these were one of those concussions about 5 years ago you'd come off the field and head back in a series later.. didn't look serious at all... I think we good in here fam.
  14. congrats to all the survived without him, and sorry to those that last him first qtr... fantasy football can really turn on you in a second's notice