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  1. I am going to hold the draft as normal, as of now. However I will bring it up at the draft and have the league decide which direction we want to go if for some reason season is cancelled. I will also be adding an extra IR and bench spot this year. We do play IDP, so those IR spots can fill up quickly.
  2. Brandon Aiyuk has entered the room, not Bourne IMO
  3. Vikings? Theyve been searching for a third WR
  4. Ok well it is Saturday and the game is tomorrow. But thanks Weatherman Assassin
  5. 14 team league and very shallow benches and we play IDP so 3 is almost needed so that way people aren't forced to play open spots or have to drop someone. As far as abusing it im not sure either- minus that Bell has put him on IR and as he is designated as "out". No one has made a stink or deal about it and that is a flaw that is out of my hands as commish
  6. We have 3 IR spots in our league so these issues don't come up, would highly recommend trying to get those for next year.
  7. Good article, thanks for that
  8. I would take that. You are getting the 2 best players out of the deal in Stras and Kluber. Especially if you weren't planning on keeping Quintana and Holland
  9. He very well could have. But why doesn't Ben just QB sneak it there? He needed a foot
  10. Man this is tough, QB-Keenum, Big Ben RB-Dion Lewis, Kamara WR-Jones, Funchess TE-Kelce Flex-Gurley K- Elliot, Succop D-Bills, Jaguars