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  1. I went wr wr wr last year and ended in 3rd in a 12 man .5ppr league. I found my team was pretty boom or bust although the busts were scoring low 100s while my average was high 120s. It wasn't bad at all but i found it was really annoying struggling for rbs and it was harder to get rbs than i thought. Although i still had really high scoring games so would do agian
  2. I think a lot of that was on the decision making ability of jameis... Idk i think they might look better under a brady with his quick release, preference for short routes and high decision making ability. The defense will probably look better as well, when the offense isn't giving up 4 picks a game
  3. There will definitely be a team in London in our lifetimes. Idk how a team would not go to London at this point
  4. The bucs just seem like an odd place for tom. Sure i think Arians will work with brady and will be good for him, and i also think that the wr corps are a mega upgrade. But if tom only cares about rings and winning, idk why he would want to go to the nfc south. Thats a tough division
  5. What does Giselle want, money? She's even richer than brady is and if it was about the money than brady wouldn't have taken discounted contracts his entire career. Tom only cares about rings and winning. Which is why im surprised that he left the pats, because thats where his best chance at winning was
  6. He burned the Steelers big time, and the Rooney's dont put up with **** like that. He burned his bridge and there's no going back
  7. So the police are retaliating agianst brown for his conduct by unjustly filing charges on him on behalf of the mover who he physically assaulted over payment issues?
  8. But why? Considering the last qb to be inducted into the hof was kurt Warner, and eli's stats have tremendously surpassed his, why does eli not deserve it? What makes a qb hof worthy or not? I think you just have a problem with eli personally
  9. Umm no. Nick foles beat tom and the cats once. While eli is the only qb to beat the great one twice in both of his only superbowl runs
  10. Lol apparently constant cheating = getting "caught" 10 years ago and then saying its his easy schedule... what will it take for you to give credit where credits due?
  11. Well, im sure that even you could admit that he didn't look good yesterday