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  1. Lol apparently constant cheating = getting "caught" 10 years ago and then saying its his easy schedule... what will it take for you to give credit where credits due?
  2. Lol, just because it was wrong, it doesn't mean it was "unfounded" and that also doesn't mean that 2020 wont morph into a 2 headed monster
  3. Well, im sure that even you could admit that he didn't look good yesterday
  4. The fantasy season is over. All the criticism he is receiving is due to his real life performance and not at all correlated to fantasy
  5. He just needs to work on his game management. All 3 times he played from behind this season he lost. He has 0 2nd half comebacks on the season, while someone like Russell Wilson had five, 5... meanwhile Russell had 1 other pro bowler on his team, both his rbs were lost to injury and the last game he had 3/5s of his line out to injury, yet he managed it...
  6. Haha funny because when **** like that happens to the pats its #patsarecheaters but when it happens to the hawks its #therefssuck... funny how the narrative goes
  7. No one hated on mahomes, it was actually seemed quite the opposite; he was basically universally loved by everyone, because hes a stand up guy and routinely performed well
  8. The Madden curse didn't seem to effect brady...