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  1. Exactly. Im worried with denver lacking any offense this turns into a ground and pound game. Im sitting him
  2. Hes available in a lot of leagues. I suggest picking him up. Dallas has a high powered offense and the upside is there. What other available te has anywhere near the upside shultz has?
  3. You might as well drop the guy. Not saying the talent is there, because it is. Its just that will fuller is a one trick pony. Every single year he is riddled with injuries and going on ir mid season. It happens literally every single year. Trade or drop him while you can
  4. That trailer park boys reference went over everyone's heads i guess
  5. Hate to say i toad a so but i f***in a toad a so
  6. Drake doing s---y and i dont even think the redskins d is playing particularly well
  7. Maybe its the fact that they practice way less nowadays and have less contact while practicing?
  8. They didn't. Coaches dont usually draft qbs straight out of college and then throw them to the wolves on game 1. They want to break them in
  9. Not to mention when he hit his wr in motion and it literally went off the guys helmet
  10. These color commentators are some of the worst I've heard
  11. He looks better than at least half the current NFL qbs out there