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  1. How concerned are we with the reemergence of AJ Green though? He has been way more involved the past two weeks, sucking up a lot of targets. Higgins ended up with only 5 (granted he was extremely efficient with those limited looks)
  2. Two weeks in a row with 8 targets. Two weeks in a row with a TD 👀
  3. Allen Robinson to get 10.03 points in 0.5 PPR. He'll be facing off against Ramsey. Talk about stressed... 😥
  4. Based on this article Terrance Mitchell will be on Green and Higgins is expected to see Ward.
  5. He’s been nothing short of impressive as a rookie. This week he’s suppose to draw coverage against Denzel Ward. Any reason to believe this is a trap game against a divisional opponent? I have him in the flex but I’m not sure how I feel about it.
  6. I'd probably do it. Even though Dallas is broken, Zeke's RB1 status is not in question. It'll be easier to plug in WR's in a 14 person league
  7. I personally wouldn't do it. I think Golladay is a top 5-10 WR for the rest of the season and Robinson and Taylor are a wash.
  8. 12 team 0.5 PPR Tee Higgins vs. Browns or Brandin Cooks vs. Green Bay? HELP please!
  9. Anyone rolling him out this weekend? The Houston vs Green Bay game has the highest over under of all the games this weekend. The matchup isn’t the prettiest but he’s had back to back game with TD’s with 9 and 12 targets. Very tempted to flex but I’m not oblivious to his boom or bust nature
  10. I don’t think I can bench the kid going forward. He’s been playing amazing and not scared to sling it. I’m going with him this week over other streaming options this week like Stafford and Goff
  11. I assume he cleans up the fumbles going into the next game but man the Cowboys look terrible. Possibly the worst team in the league due to injuries along with questionable play calling. His outlook being the focal point with Dalton under center can’t be as good as people thought moving forward.
  12. I'm definitely interested in this kid and I see him sitting there on the wire. How do the Herbert truthers rank him this week against other streaming options such as Bridgewater, Goff, etc? Is he more than just a streamer?
  13. I just bought a ticket on the Ronald express. I’m all aboard and I feel good about it, baby! Choo choo 🚂 Let’s get it tomorrow fam!!!