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  1. what about thad. young? contender could use him.
  2. I have spot in my team for him, at least until trade deadline. must-add in deeper leagues for now.
  3. I'm stashing 'till deadline... if Love and/or TT are traded then we are onto somthing - if not, bye bye.
  4. He is so up and down and Bucks are too good... but boy when he is ON, he won me block by himself last week.
  5. He is young, under the contract for next year and WCS and Looney are not very good... he has a chance.
  6. thank you T.Young for putting that ball trough Joker's legs early on, joke is on you! 😁
  7. two tough games. only Ade had better +- last night. strong hold in deeper leagues(14T +) imo. he is rookie, he will be up and down whole season. at least wait until trade deadline, who know whats gonna happen.
  8. he is killing my ft% these past few games.
  9. I agree that walton is the biggest problem there, bad coach.
  10. Sac is much better team with Bjelica on the court and Bogdan (who will be traded since they think Fox, barnes(overrated bum) and Hield are better players lol)... they were losing early when fox and marvin were healthy and started wining games with Bogi and Bjelica. Now they are going to be trash again.
  11. only trade to a good team can save him and us (owners).
  12. let's go! I picked both RHJ and Bou in my 14t!
  13. its stilll early in the season for drop, esp. in deeper leagues... also, TJ has glass ankles, Dipo isnt back yet. maybe 6th man role will benefit him?
  14. Lamb and Brook are killing me thes past few weeks, hopefully they will improve in coming weeks.
  15. lamb πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜…πŸ˜§πŸ˜’