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  1. Jerami Grant - Denver need to do everything they can to keep him if they want to keep this up, he is an ideal fit (age-wise and game-wise) with Jokic and Murray.
  2. B. Bogdanvic - Lakers OR Dallas OR Denver - I would like to see him on proper team and with proper coach. Walton and Sac are worst in the NBA
  3. we were in the last gameweek before playoffs, 10 teams had chance to enter it out of 14(8 playoff spots). Those 10 will split the money and no playoff - no winner.
  4. Orlando's MCW and DJ.A - without Furnier, it looks like they both benefit.
  5. mine starts week 22. I'm have slim chances without him, such a shame...
  6. my playoff starts week afte next, hopfuly he will be good to go for fantas' playoffs... I traded my Nunn for Dipo, I need him healthy.
  7. all 3 have better ros after jjj comes back imo. maybe drop chriss
  8. Thon: 3s+ blks are rare combo.
  9. who's the pickup here? thanks in advance!
  10. my playoff starts week 22, there is hope yet for me. I hope DLo, KAT and Minny wanna see what they got here and he comes back in 2-3 weeks. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ