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  1. Didn’t catch this game but always encouraging to see a non-qb have the trust of his coaches to execute a passing play. Falcons just lost a close game so I imagine they come out slinging the ball in what should be a higher scoring affair
  2. Proceed with caution. His drops were really bad and the receiving volume in this run first ravens offense is so low
  3. Slight concern about gamescript and Ravens not needing him to do much this week in a game they are expected to win by 2 TDs
  4. Rolling him out there this week. Love his big play ability and Carr seems to trust him a lot!
  5. Are we going back to the Zeke well against the ravens in a must win matchup for fantasy playoff contention? Pollard looks way more explosive and deserving of more work which makes me want to fade Zeke this week 😬
  6. I’m probably staying away from him next week and would prefer to go with someone like Reagor or Pittman. Too many pass catching options on the giants to know who Colt McCoys preferred choice would be
  7. This guy is long overdue for a TD. Hoping it comes this week with a big yardage game
  8. Anyone else notice they just gave him a stat correction -2pts for week 11? I just noticed this as it cost me my week 11 victory 😡
  9. My biggest takeaway is he looks fully healthy off the ankle injury and they tried to force feed him the ball when they needed to score. Let’s see if they get him more involved sooner than later moving forward but I’m more optimistic than I was coming into his matchup
  10. Anyone taking another chance on him this week against Chicago? Cook just had a solid game against them but their defense is legit. Seems Jonnu has a tough schedule these next 4 games
  11. Dobbins was way more explosive and also poses to be a weapon in the passing game. I’d imagine his floor is much safer especially in PPR but Gus seems to be the more trusted of the 2 with the goaline work. If he doesn’t score it will be hard to start him since he doesn’t catch at all and seems less likely to break a long run like Dobbins can
  12. Curious how we feel about starting him but Gus has proven himself and seems to have the confidence of the coaching staff. Difficult matchup but if Ingram doesn’t go I think 50-70 total yards and a TD is feasible and a worthwhile plug and play. The confidence from Dobbins truthers does make me nervous
  13. Bad take. You definitely just jinxed yourself.
  14. Agreed. Nice to see him back out there but he’s clearly moving gingerly
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