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  1. I'll try to grab Darrell Henderson. Gurley's knees aren't getting any better and Ram's o-line should be better next year.
  2. Forced to start him. What kind of stat line can we expect?
  3. Perriman, Kirk and Washington. Thanks for mine!
  4. In all likelihood, I've lost all three Jacobs, Cook and Mattison and I couldn't pick up Boone or Washington. Only start-worthy RB I'm left with is Miles Sanders. I need to pick one more. My options are: Myles Gaskin Boston Scott Ameer Abdullah Peyton Barber Kerryon Johnson LeSean McCoy Chris Thompson
  5. Rams' offense as a whole looks better when Goff isn't trying to squeeze every throw to Kupp somehow.
  6. Even if he does get cleared to play, I expect to see some fumbles if he's having issues gripping the ball. Super nervous right now.
  7. He plays with a crappy defense, awful offensive line and a nonexistent running game. I'm sure he'd look much better in real life too if he had better support around him.
  8. Lmao Jameis you beautiful beast! What a time to show up with a beastly performance.
  9. Fantasy football aside, I hope they manage his workload and don't run him to the ground. It's a bit worrying how they've been give him 20+ touches every week despite a freaking fractured shoulder.