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  1. Bam easily
  2. I like Chriss and Bridges. Been 2nd guessing Payton.
  3. 8-T, 12 man roster, Espn H2H scoring league. Looking to fill 3 spots. Pick 3.... Chriss Miles Bridges Aaron Gordon Conley Barton E Payton
  4. H2H points, 8 team league. 12 roster spots, 5 starting position + 4 utility positions, 3 bench spots. Guards: Lillard, Beal, Harden, CP3, Shai-Gilgeous Forwards: Marcus Morris Sr, Markkanen, Isaac, Barton. Centers: Ayton, John Collins, Vucevic Thanks!
  5. I have Vucevic and Beal and was offered the trade. Who do you like better?
  6. It's also PPR which gives Hunt a stable floor....
  7. Need a flyer for bye week this week. I have Chubb btw and I am starting him. Should I hedge with Hunt or roll with JDM?