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  1. His playoff lineup is pretty good - Arizona, Dallas, Washington; Wash D isn't bad, but volume / game flow should be in his favor in that game. I'm hoping he can come back by week 12, get a week or two of conditioning and game reps, and then be great for the playoffs. IMO he has RB1 potential in the playoffs if healthy and with that schedule. Not gonna get that potential on the waiver or in a trade. I got offered D Parker in a trade, but I'd rather take a chance on his playoff potential in trying to win a league championship.
  2. According to the interwebz: four to six weeks Despite the fact that most athletes who experience a low ankle sprain can return to sports within one to three weeks following the injury, those players who sustain a high ankle sprain are often out of sports for four to six weeks depending upon the injury severity.
  3. I guess, but this game was over somewhere in the 3rd quarter. Jones closing it out was because the game wasn't competitive. Godwin was barely on the field in the 2nd half, and this was also Evans' worst game as well. Godwin had 10 points at halftime in PPR, and had the game been more competitive I would have expected 15-20 to end the game. I'm more concerned with the TB defense -- that was a more dominant performance than I've seen previously -- so could Godwin get gameflowed out moving forward ? That's possible. The playoff lineup is the main thing that causes me to pause before trying to trade him.
  4. He was game flowed out of this game vs the Packers though. He had all his points in the first half. Also, he does have a great playoff lineup -- Minn, Atl, Detroit.
  5. Probably true that even Andy Reid doesn't know how it will turn out-- because a lot of it will depend on performance on the field. If vintage Bell turns up, then maybe he takes the majority of the snaps. If NY Jets Bell shows up, then maybe he is only a COP back.
  6. Bears could make sense. Only place that has a clear opening with the Tarik Cohen role. I'd take that as a Bell owner cause he may be able to carve into D Mont's role as well. I dont see anyplace where he wouldn't be in a timeshare though.
  7. Cincy had been throwing to the TE 20% of the time in the first 2 games. Sample was hardly involved through in week 3. Doubt TE will be 0% moving forward, but looks like those targets are primarily transferring to the WRs, and with Higgins progressing well, seems like he could be the beneficiary of the transfer of targets.
  8. I'm 1-2 and my next RBs are K Hunt and J Kelley. I do have Jeff Wilson and Burkhead to possibly provide something over the next couple weeks. I'm hurting at RB, not sure if I can survive CMC's absence and CMC also has a week 13 bye. Soooo I've been offered the following: CMC for J Conner or J Robinson AND L Bell or R Mostert Any thoughts on whether this trade is worth it ? If CMC comes back in week 7 (best case) I may be able to survive.
  9. If Cincy is going to throw the ball 40+ times a game (which seems likely), and he is the primary TE, then he could get around 8 targets a game. 20% target share to TE is what they've been doing so far. That's enough for a solid flex play in PPR, and sprinkle in a few TDs over the season. Cox has short-term value, but Doyle and Burton are coming back. Schultz could be solid, but that volume isn't going to be consistent in my opinion. Sample has an opportunity to have consistent target and points which is solid for the TE position.
  10. This would help so much with all my RB injuries. I mean Lynn Bowden is WR/RB, and the guy really isn't going to play RB at all for Miami. Shenault truly mixes it up, so why not...
  11. Hoping to see if he can be 10-15 points a game in PPR with a TD every now and then. That'd be a decent flex. Seems pretty doable if this guy gets 7-9 targets a game.
  12. I have Gage, he has L Bell and is willing to throw in S Sims. Gage is solid but seems replaceable on the waiver at some point. My RBs are CMAC, K Hunt, J Kelley, Akers, so I need a RB2. Will suck next couple weeks. I doubt I get M Davis on the wire, and really any other solid RBs, and so I would just need to survive a couple weeks with Hunt and Kelley and then hopefully get Bell back in week 5 and then CMAC whenever. Think this is a good trade ? I'd be replacing Gage with Goedert, Shenault, or MVS probably......may be able to get a decent wr/te off the waiver too for a flex spot. Thanks for any insight.
  13. Yeah this blows. Got the notification this morning. Rotoworld needs to fix this
  14. If Gage has taken Sanu's place, and also takes a share of what Hooper did last season, he's gonna be a solid PPR flex play. I think Hurst will take only a partial share of what Hooper was given. There look to be a number of shootouts on ATL's schedule as well.