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  1. Easy drop with Chriss back in the picture unfortunately. Both will be limited to the teens in minutes
  2. but this was posted before the 22/19 game tho 0.0
  3. Thad will most likely be the pick up getting the bulk of the minutes. But Gafford should find himself a more consistent role with 20mins a game IMO Blocks or steals, take your pick
  4. Yeah considering they are heading back into win mode next year, don't think age matters to much to them. If they can develop him into a serviceable rotational player next year and sign him cheap then it's a win for them.
  5. Likewise! looks like they are committed developing this guy, most interesting part is he's getting minutes over Pascall who I thought would be the golden child of the team
  6. Looks like a solid add for deeper leagues if he can continue to get 20mins a game
  7. Lol legit, i got them both too.. and actually favoring McLemore more. What has the world come to
  8. Rondo drops another servicable line yet rotoworlds blurb sh1ts on him again lmao
  9. Would be keen if Pascall and Green wasn't out