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  1. Oh God, did I stumble into the Kendrick Nunn page again?
  2. I traded for this guy in 2 separate leagues, one in November and the other just recently. I paid with Marcus Morris on the former and Holmes with the latter 😂
  3. This guy did not grow his game at all. 2 made 3's is hardly growth
  4. I hear the Lakers are looking for a playmaking PG
  5. Picked him up in my efficient team, while stashing Melton in the other counting stats team. Please, MEM, unleash them
  6. Hard to become a top 10 asset when you're an SG/SF with no 3s. He's basically a C with no stocks; C's in the top 10 usually have FT>70%
  7. Woah. Just cashed in right before the injury, flipped him for JJJ. Get well soon, WW pick of the year!
  8. Then tell them to change pick numbers. I understand where you're coming from, but I might have different feelings about this because one, CP3 might have per game averages of a top 10 player, but I'm not too optimistic about his ROS durability, so his totals could be an entirely different story. Two, still waiting for LMA to sustain his 3pt shooting for maybe a month to call it a structural change, could also be sooner (maybe two weeks?) depending on how aggressive you are. Even then, Spurs propensity for rest and their borderline playoff hopes still loom over ROS totals. In my estimate, both are top 20-30 in terms of ROS total production, hence picks should have a wider gap as you said. Also, he could change his mind, especially with how Jaylen is progressing. Not saying he's going to suddenly be top 20, but at least with him/Harrell he can think about keeping one of them rather than with CP3/LMA where it's practically impossible
  9. Wow, deal just went through and Holmes injury happened O_O
  10. My point is, lock in gains now, transfer the risk to somebody else, rather than wait for the downtrend to start before scrambling to make these trades. I am very injury-risk averse, so I try to shed injury-prone players every time I have them. Okay so here's the risk-reward of the scenarios (minus trade scenario because that's another layer): 1) you do not trade CP3, he does not get injured/shut down because OKC is in the playoff hunt, you enjoy his full year stats. Very good case for you, probability of this happening? I would attribute 50%, based on games played on the season (close to 40?) and his recent injury history (approx 60 games in the past 3 seasons). Of course, this probability rate is subjective, but I think it's fair; 2) trade CP3 for somebody with less injury risk, more or less similar production, but he doesn't get injured and continues with his current production. It might seem like you lost CP3's stats, but you paid to shed injury risk (recall, 50% of remaining games worth of stats) much like the premiums you pay for actual insurance, and still get production that is at or near his level (of course, given you executed this trade well); and 3) CP3 gets injured/shut down, lose his trade value or even have to sit through the season with him. You're lucky to get somebody like Rubio. The keeper play even adds a different layer to this trade: do you think a manager is more inclined to keep one of CP3/LMA? Or one of Brown, Harrell? I agree, Dragic is borderline 12 team rosterable, but I think he was just a deal sweetener. Looks to me the last place team is already positioning for next season than trying to salvage this one. He's putting his outperforming assets to good use.
  11. I wouldn't want to give up Morant if I were you. Dude is only going to get better