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  1. Have you not been paying attention to Zeke his entire career? He averages 125 yards and .67 TDs per game, and doesn't have many outliers in either direction. He's the most consistent star RB in the NFL.
  2. Zeke is probably the best pass blocking RB in the game. He's always been elite there.
  3. Dude is a playmaker. Run heavy or not, they're gonna get the ball in his hands.
  4. This is so exciting. So, it is kinda weird they'd make the switch with how well Fitzmagic has played. He's been good for them. But consider this: Miami is going to be switching from a right-handed to a left-handed offense. They don't want to rush that with only a couple days of prep. Unless they were planning on giving Tua the whole year off, they pretty much have to pull the trigger starting with the bye. I've been very impressed with Flores and the new regime in Miami. It seems they're doing this right. And Fitz looked genuinely excited when they put Tua in. It's great for Tua to have him there.
  5. Plus there's a solid chance Dallas is a playoff opponent. Yea, no way Saints trade him. There's no incentive for them.
  6. Jameis on this Dallas team would be fantasy crack on steroids
  7. Worst I've seen was the Monday nighter between KC and the Rams a couple years ago. The one that was 54-51. Was tied going on KC's final possession with less than a minute left. Neither team had any Chiefs. But one team did have Goff. So gonna end in a tie, except Mahomes throws a pick and there's like 5 seconds left. So Goff comes out and takes a knee... -0.1 points, and that was the final margin
  8. The one that chases after guys he just threw an interception to
  9. Back to back losses to the Lions and Panthers that were pretty much all on him
  10. Drake needs to catch that, but Kyler threw a fastball at his face from like 3 yards away. Pass was as bad as the drop Edit: just rewound and watched it again. Nevermind...