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  1. What's your waiver wire like? Could try throwing together a 2 for 1 deal like wiggins and collins for lebron if you have a decent option to fill in for collins on the wire like nance or if you think thom bryant can continue getting minutes. Those two should be taken already if its a competitive league
  2. Wood is a good option for boards and stocks
  3. 12 team H2H category auction league with two keepers for next season. Would a Doncic owner scoff at an offer such as: My Lillard + Rozier for his Doncic + Ball or D Graham or My Lillard + J. Randle for his Doncic + Ball or D Graham? With Lillard's surge lately and Doncic's recent injury this could be a good time for something like this. I am a fringe playoff team but am looking to try to set myself up for next year as I drafted Trae for $26. While I got Lillard at good value at $52 out of a $200 budget, Doncic is even better as he was drafted at $40. Other Ideas are welcome My team: T Young, Rozier, R Covington, Randle, Capela, Lillard, J Collins,, Larry Nance, Thomas Bryant, Markkanen (ouch) His team Ball, Doncic, J Brown, Montrezl Harrell, R Gobert, Graham, Kelly oubre, Jokic, Tatum, CP3
  4. haha when you put it that way. So do you think embiid for lavine and bam is a good trade or are there any other scenario's i should try?
  5. Small 8 team points league I was offered my Bam and LaVine for his Embiid. Would like to hear some opinions; I feel like this is giving up too much, LaVine has a little more value in a points league to me. Here's the rest of my team Trae young laVine Jimmy butler Lauri Markkanen Bam Ja morant Jabari Parker KAT Bogdan Jarrett Allen John Collins Kemba Kelly oubre IR: Kyrie irving He turned down my low ball offers of Jarrett + Bogdan and Bam + Jabari. Should I counter with Bam + Bogdan?
  6. 12 team points league: team a trades: devin booker and Blake griffin team b trades: ja morant and bogdan Just want to make sure I’m not crazy before causing a fuss in this league. Lol
  7. I'd also side with Lauri. As an owner i know he has been under performing a bit but feel that he will improve
  8. Yeah definitely looking that way with barrett.. ive missed out on some solid WW pickups trying to be the patient owner thinking his minutes/opportunities are there. But with collins on my team and other guys under performing it might be time to cut bait.
  9. Agree with previous poster. Depending on your opinion of Morant, he might be a target. He is currently in a couple game dip in production including a rest game but I can really see him being solid as the year progresses.
  10. I was offered my Lavine/Oubre for his tobias. 8 team points league. Rest of my team: Kyrie Lavine Barrett J Collins Bam Trae young Oubre jr J butler Markkanenen Jabari KAT Kemba Morant
  11. 8 team points league Team A trades: -Paul George -T. Rozier -D. Sabonis Team B Trades -Giannis -Zion Just having a hard time with this team giving away giannis and would like some other opinions.
  12. just dropped D jordan.. did i dun goof brahs? im in an 8 team league so gotta be better off streaming that spot anyways. lol